Tugu Negara, Malaysia’s National Monument

Tugu Negara, Malaysia’s National Monument

Another tourist attraction my family and I went to recently was, yes you got it right, the National Monument – which is located along Jalan Parlimen.

malaysia national monument

This is the most recent photo of the monument and I. Honestly, I’ve never been here for a long time and I can’t even remember how old was I during my last visit.

My parents brought me here when I was a kid, now it’s my turn to bring them here. :)

malaysia first national monument

After parking, we walked towards the monument complex and was greeted by this tall structure. This monument is actually the original national monument.

It was previously located at Jalan Tugu before it was moved to this current location due to flyover contraction project.

malaysia tugu negara pertama

Here’s a better view of the first national monument with the spacious square and surrounding gardens.

malaysia islamic pavilion

Also around the vicinity is the pavilion with an iconic Islamic dome architecture.

The monument complex measures about 48, 000 square meters facing the Lake Gardens. It has five main components – the National monument, fountains, pavilion, a war memorial and the surrounding gardens.

islamic dome architecture

A better view of the simple yet grand pavilion.

Other than that, there is a fountain in the middle of the lake.

malaysia water fountain

Then, the anticipated Tugu Negara!

malaysia monument

A short history – the construction of the second National Monument was an idea by the former Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Alhaj in 1963 to commemorate the soldiers who died defending the country.

The new National Monument has 7 bronze statues and it represents the triumph over the conquerers.

So ladies and gentlemen, I’ll keep it short – this is the National Monument of Malaysia…

tugu negara malaysia

Oh, by the way – did you notice that the Malaysia flag was missing from the flag pole?

Haiya, how to claim to be patriotic when the Jalur Gemilang is taken off from the magnificent monument? And I, as a true Malaysian, will do my part…

tugu negara

Photo edit!

See, I’m more patriotic than the people who take care of the National Monument right? :)

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