1Malaysia E-mail Project Preview

1Malaysia E-mail Project Preview

PUTRAJAYA: Yes, the Malaysian revolution is here – guess what, Malaysians over 18 will be given a 1Malaysia E-mail account by the government. *pops champagne*

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced recently that the 1Malaysia E-mail initiative would allow “direct and secure” communication between citizens and the Government.

1malaysia email najib speech

Tricubes Bhd is collaborating with Microsoft and kenwooi.com to develop the 1Malaysia E-mail project.

The company will spearhead the private RM50mil investment which includes the development of a web portal for government services and extra features such as social networking, bills checking and payments.

Tricubes Project Manager, Ken Wooi, said the company is really pleased with the RM50mil investment. “RM50mil is big money you know, don’t play play!”, he claimed. Currently tests are being conducted on the website, hoping to prevent any hacking incident.

1malaysia email kenwooi speech

Ken said that with the integrated social networking, you can virtually ‘poke’ the Malaysian Ministers, send them direct messages, view their expensive “business” trips photos from around the world, and drive them up write on the Great Virtual Wall of 1Malaysia.

“How cool is that?!”, he questioned even though it’s obvious that 1Malaysia E-Mail is seriously cooler than awesomeness.

As of the current progress, Ken mentioned that the project mainly serves as a communication tool for the Malaysian government to convey important messages such as:

1) Local business news.

1malaysia email petrol price

2) Local entertainment news.

1malaysia email sex video

3) Tax payment alert.

1malaysia email tax

4) Blog updates by the Prime Minister.

1malaysia email blog update

5) Malaysia organized contests.

1malaysia email contest

6) And many more…!

Also, to make the 1Malaysia E-mail more generic and realistic, spam e-mails will be intergrated as well. Sample spam e-mails are:

1) Spam: Lottery strike announcement.

1malaysia email win lottery

2) Spam: Penis enlargement promotion.

1malaysia email penis

3) Spam: Viagra advertisement.

1malaysia email viagra

4) And more spams…!

Even though the spam serves no purpose, the Government believes that citizens will be glad that 1Malaysia E-mail works well with spam filtering.

“Since we took the RM50mil to develop the project, accept it lah – don’t waste the money. Do the right thing!”, Ken responded when he heard disheartening news that most Malaysians don’t agree with the idea. Nevertheless, the 1Malaysia E-mail is not made compulsory.

But since many are worried about having their income tax used to maintain the 1Malaysia E-Mail system, Ken has proposed advertisement links to be used to gain extra revenue.

1malaysia email advert

Above is an actual text-link ad that will be added – proudly sponsored by Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah. Ignore the e-mail’s message, that’s not real, unfortunately.

P/S: For more information or if you have inquires, please email to kenwooi.awesome@myemail.my – the first official 1Malaysia E-mail account created.

P/S: Do share this article with with your Malaysian friends as the stated information will be beneficial to everyone. Thank you.

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38 thoughts on “1Malaysia E-mail Project Preview

  1. LOL! this is another great and creative post of yours. Oh well, I think everybody agrees (except Datuk Ken Wooi lol) that it is such a waste of money but that’s what they’ve been doing right? to waste more and more of rakyat money.

  2. U make my day! Wonderful post with meaningful and heavy messages even as a light read. Your bravery for such post is highly commended. I am not declaring I am pro-opposition or anything, I am just saying that if we see anything being done wrong, we should voice out no matter whoever leads the government. Then they should do their part to hear the people’s voice and rectify if any mistakes were made.

  3. we rakyats want free wifi first b4 free crapmails. how r we going to access the mails (esp for kampungers) if we dont hv internet access? rite? :D

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