What Men Really Think… About Their Facebook Friends

What Men Really Think… About Their Facebook Friends

A new survey conducted by kenwooi.com revealed some surprising and some not-so surprising statistics about what men really think about their Facebook friends.

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The results of the survey, which was conducted among 500 men in Malaysia, is published today on awesome blog kenwooi.com – which you’re reading it right now.

While 500 is not a large sample size of the men population on Facebook, the survey found that the majority of men are more attentive to the Facebook activities done by the female group.

For the female friends on Facebook, the most awesome habit, according to 100% of men surveyed, is “posing sexily with booby cleavage”.

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“Which dude doesn’t?” quoted one survey responder who wish to stay anonymous. “If he doesn’t, he’s definitely a gay!”, he continued.

From that unanimous 100%, 60% said that they’ll just ogle at it, 20% will leave a comment on the profile photo, 15% shares it with their male friends, and the remaining 5% admitted that they.. er… “exercise” with it.

Other traits of female Facebook friends included “post cute status updates” which cheers up 74% of men, “post self-indulging photos” at 69% and “post photo with sexy girl friends” at 63%.

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Meanwhile, 65% gets excited at female Facebook friends who “airbrush themselves”.

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An ‘airbrusher’ is a person who alters photos to appear more attractive. “It’s hard to find someone so perfect in reality, the only place is on Facebook”, a responder mentioned.

On the other hand, men can be annoyed with certain traits by the female Facebook friends such as “begging for votes for a Facebook beauty contest” as only 15% of the men likes it. Also, “posting lovey dovey intimate photos with boyfriend” is deemed annoying.

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A responder, Simon Cowell, says “It lacks creativity. Utterly horrendous. I’m being serious!”.

Besides that, 40% of the men thinks that their female Facebook friends are “crazy over Korean pop stars”.

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Since men are so into their female Facebook friends, 80% of the men surveyed admitted that they “stalk” on female profiles. But in real life, they rephrase it and say they’re just “discovering” new people.

Moving on – for male friends on Facebook, men actually don’t care much. Therefore, no responds were received for this section. Due to that, the men surveyed were asked to indentify personality types of their male Facebook friends. The results are as follows:

1) 94% are friends with a “asshole” – someone who is pain in the ass.
2) 85% said they are friends with a “video sharer”
3) 81% are friends with a “commentator” – someone who constantly comments on any Facebook activities.
4) 74% are friends with a “friend finder” – someone who constantly adds friends.
5) 57% said friends with a “drama king”

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6) 51% are friends with a “show off” – someone who constantly shows off stuffs like expensive gadgets, cars and ladies.
7) 50% are friends with a “poser”
8) 46% are friends with “the lousy clubgrapher” – someone who constantly shares dark and blur photos of their clubbing activities.

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9) 42% are friends with a “documentarian” – someone who talks nothing else but his life.
10) Lastly, 38% are friends with a “philosopher” – someone who writes words of wisdom all the time.

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That’s all, done with the survey analysis. I’m gonna Facebook now. By the way, have you liked “kenwooi.com” page on Facebook? Do so alright? Thank you very much! :D

Oh wait, just bumped into another interesting Facebook girl profile! Guys, check her out…

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Look, nice boobs!

Okay, I’m seriously done with the survey presentation. Kthxbai!

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  1. Can’t stand people who do not put their photo or use ridiculous names and images for their profile pic – like Paul the Octopus in one of the photos in your post. If so paranoid, better don’t have any Facebook account lor… As if anybody is interested in stalking him or her…

  2. oh my gosh. why the heck are you still not as famous as kenny sia or even more famous than him!!! i’ve been wondering about this for quite some time already.

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