Google Search: Kenwooi

Google Search: Kenwooi

If you’ve been reading my blog since back in 2009, you would have read this particular blog entry – VS

One of the points that caught the readers’ attention was the Google Search part. Back then, when you type “kenwooi” on Google, this was what you would’ve gotten…

kenwooi google search old

Yeap, sucks right? Google assumed that the search term is wrong and recommends “kenwood” instead. Google didn’t even recognize me!

I don’t know why, maybe it was because I used to tell toasters like Kenwood.

kenwooi toaster

I sell my own Kenwooi toasters you know? Very cheap only.

Well now, after about 1 year + since the initial kenwooi and kenwood confusion, I decided to type “kenwooi” on Google again. And this is what I get…

kenwooi google search new

Woah, I finally made it! Google already recognizes me! :D

Great, I’m proud of this mini achievement. Which brings me to another point – based on my blog statistics over the past 1 year, the term “kenwooi” has been searched for over 1.1k times! Which is roughly equivalent to 3 searches a day. Interesting.

But wait, how hard is it to type “” on the web browser? Don’t have to Google what, right? Hmm…

Anyway, I got this e-mail from Daniel of recently…

boob email

Simple message, a demand. Well, actually I can fulfill it – more booby posts. Why not, since I love it, Daniel loves it, the guys love it and practically everyone love boobs right?

The more booby posts I have on my blog, the better! But I’m just afraid that something misleading might happen in the future. Maybe like this…

kenwooi google search boobs

Oh my, I have no boobs okay. I’m a man, a true man!

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  1. my achievement so far would be googling “composite function calculator”. the top result would be my blog! just because I blogged about some math stuff :)

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