No Idea What To Write

No Idea What To Write

On, the published blog entries aren’t your average dose of blog entries.

sitting on sofa

Majority of these entries are created based on deep thoughts, thoughts…

looking outside

…and more thoughts.

doing laundry

Sometimes even after thinking a lot, coming up with a topic isn’t that easy. Whenever I blog, I always tell myself that I should come up with something worth reading and perhaps, entertaining as well.

That’s my personal objective when it comes to blogging.


If you’ve been an avid reader of, you know I don’t write about my daily adventures. I don’t write about what I did, or what I normally do. Because honestly, my life is pretty.. uhh.. “steady”.

You’ll definitely get bored if I write like that.

sitting on toilet bowl

Therefore, I keep thinking of what to write whenever I have the time to think. “What can I write about?”, I ask myself.


“Can I write about the water-ejaculating thing?”, I wonder. “Cannot lah!”.

However, occasionally, like now – I can’t think of any juicy topic to talk about. My juice has dried up at the moment.

writer's block

I have no idea what to write. Seriously.

But I’m gonna make myself an orange juice right now. Time to juice up! :)

33 thoughts on “No Idea What To Write

  1. Aiseh.. kesian.. ketandusan… let’s go makan makan.. then maybe u’ll find a worm in ur meal and there! u’ve got something to write about! :D

  2. LOL! the fact that you DO NOT have anything to write but able to come up w a post with pictures doing NOTHING really cracks me up. I wonder who’s ur personal photographer lmao :D

  3. at least we know.. your wardrobe, kitchen, living room, dressing room and washroom are all tidier than most “don’t know what to write” out there… cheers

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