The RM50 in 1 Week Challenge

The RM50 in 1 Week Challenge

So recently I commented on a friend of mine – regarding the way he spends his money. Personally, I think he uses money as though his dad is Justin Bieber.

justin bieber son

Okay, perhaps a little exaggerated – but that’s what I told him. Actually he has the spending power lah, just that I busy body say he should be saving instead.

So he dared me on a challenge, he challenged me to just spend RM50 in a single week. Can or cannot?

I answered “Yes!” immediately. Hence, the topic of this entry – Can you survive a week with only RM50?

rm50 ringgit

So ladies and gentleman, here are ways to survive a week with just only RM50. Let’s start with the essential, food.


1) Eat proper lunch maximum at RM5/meal for 7 days = RM35. Strongly recommend economy rice.

economy rice

Say “No” fancy classy food.

german sausage

This plate of penis sausage and some vegetable could cost you up to RM20, or more! A big no!

2) For dinner, eat at least 2 pieces of Gardenia / High 5 buns. They cost RM0.60 per bun, which is RM0.60 x 2 x 7 = RM8.40.

Or simply just buy a loaf of wholemeal bread which can last you a week.

gardenia wholemeal bread

“Wah, sure starve like hell?!” you say? What to do, a challenge is a challenge mah. Furthermore, it already covers the food for a week.

3) Don’t buy snacks or tidbits. They are unnecessary, and unhealthy.

mimi snack

Try your best to eat home-made/cooked food. Or… make sandwiches, eat biscuits and worse come to worse, cup noodles!

chipsmore cookie

Bought a pack of Chipsmore for RM3.00. Anyone want more chips?

4) Bring your own water with a water bottle wherever you go.

ribena bottle

I bring my re-used Ribena bottle, and avoid ordering outside drinks. Water is enough – you don’t need 100Plus or Coke.

5) If you drive a car, pump full tank on the week before. So that it won’t affect the outcome of challenge week. (Yes, consider cheating but still – the challenge is 1 week only what.)

Besides that, try to avoid roads/highways with tolls.

malaysia highway toll

But if you HAVE to pass a toll, get your passengers to pay and tell them “I’m the one driving what, I paid petrol wei!”. This should do the trick, no worries. ;)

6) On weekdays, just drive to work and back from work. Don’t go anywhere else.

7) Don’t look for entertainment. No heading to clubs, bars or fancy restaurants. No movies, no porn DVDs.

midvalley gsc cinema

8) Learn to say “No. Not this week!”. In order to successfully achieve the target, thou shall not accept any “invitation that costs money” under any circumstances.

talk to the hand

Yeah, talk to the hand. I mean, no. No… Whatever…

9) Only go to one shopping mall for the weekend and that should either be 1Utama (RM1 for first 6 hours) or The Curve (free parking at Tesco the whole day cause the parking ticket system is out of order).

1 utama shopping mall

When you’re there, just do window shopping. Do not shop for anything! Resist that temptation.

shopping bags

Or buy yourself a McDonald’s ice-cream which cost about RM1 only. Get 2 if you feel like satisfying your sweet tooth.

mcd fries ice cream

Don’t get the fries though. It’s expensive considering that you only have RM50 for a week okay.

10) Don’t use your phone to call or SMS anyone. Use Facebook instead. Write on their wall, send them direct messages or communicate anything online. Tweet or whatsapp them!

cheap nokia phone

Use only the basic features when necessary! Treat it like some cheap phone with no Internet access, MMS and stuff.


Alright, by deducting the cost of lunch (RM35) , dinner (RM8.40), a pack of Chipsmore (RM3.00), parking at 1Utama (RM1) and 2 McD Ice-Cream (RM2.00), the total expenditure is… RM49.40!

I won the challenge! But no reward though. :/

Anyway, the best thing about this challenge is – You have a sense of accomplishment. You get to save extra money for the week. You feel richer… perhaps, an inch closer to being a millionaire!

happy face

But the bad thing about it is…

sad face

You get challenged again! *rawr*

30 thoughts on “The RM50 in 1 Week Challenge

  1. when it comes to food, the nutrient and health factors are more important to be considered instead of the price and taste. healthy and nutrient-packed food are sometimes pricey eg fruits and not so tasty eg bitter gourd. hehe. =)

  2. If staying with family I can spend less than RM10 in 2 months. But staying alone outside. I still can survive with RM5 1 week, last week I did, coz you know what? I lost my ATM card, surviving on only instant noodles.

  3. Can, no problem…and make it a habit. Good for you…and pamper yourself only there’s something you should reward yourself for. Makes the spending all the more meaningful and motivating.

  4. Actually its quite an accomplishment since you r staying in KL and on your own (i presumed). But its only because of the exclusion of the most essential item nowadays which is if you can maintain the diet, and spend only RM 50 for petrol a week, which makes it RM 100 per week in total..u do save a lot of money.

  5. Weekends trick for you Ken,
    I always do this. Go to Carrefour and taste everything the promoter promotes on that day. They usually have food samples for the customers passing by. Nuggets, instant noodle, fried rice, instant soups, yogurt,kuih muih, fruits and drinks. Walk two round and you’ll have your lunch/dinner done ;)

  6. Walao . if me , rm50 won’t be enough. xD but then i’m still 17, and I only go to school, eat, come back school, eat at home, and altogether only spend rm10 per week minus those extra features such as the need to buys school books and school stuff LOL

  7. nice one… but for smokers.. they cant survive on RM50 per week bec a pack of Dunhill cost RM10 and on average smokers smoke 1 pack of cigarettes per day.. One solution…. use electronic cigarettes or the traditional local cigarettes called Kirai in Sabah… hehehe

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