Unnecessary Traffic Reports on Radio

Unnecessary Traffic Reports on Radio

Every day, whenever you drive during the peak period, you’ll surely listen to the traffic reports on the radio.

traffic jam

Here are two examples…

radio deejay traffic news

It’s like a session for the reporter to memorize the major roads huh? Jalan this, jalan that.

radio deejay traffic

So that’s what you normally hear on the radio. But think about it, aren’t these traffic news exactly the same every single day? The same roads are jammed up. The same roads are experiencing slow movement.

Even the traffic phrases used by the reporters to describe the traffic are so predictable:

1) Bumper to bumper
2) Sluggish
3) At a crawl
4) Clogged up
5) Stand still
6) kenwooi.com is awesome

Okay, I made up the last one.

Anyway, I think traffic reports are just unnecessary. It actually doesn’t help any drivers because they may have already set their destination. Whichever main road they use, they’ll all be jammed up.

malaysia traffic jam

Telling you which road is jam won’t make you avoid jam and you also won’t reach your destination any faster.

Well, that’s unless they know how to use small roads – and that also won’t require the assistance of a traffic report.

kuala lumpur traffic jam

Furthermore, for those who are not residing in Klang Valley, listening to the traffic report is even more unnecessary.

And in the morning, when you wake up late and rush out to your office. The traffic news on jammed up roads heading to your office is so unnecessary.

It’s like driving on the road, worrying about being late for a meeting and you bump into this sign…

funny traffic joke

You’re screwed no matter what. No thanks to the traffic report.

But if it’s about some accident along some kilometer of some road, then is different case lah. Malaysians love to pass by accident scenes, then stop and stare. Or perhaps jot down the plate number too, just in case it strikes lottery the next day!

car accident

I still wonder how did the divider got through the car!

Know what, to save on human resources, radio stations should just record a comprehensive traffic broadcast and re-play it on the radio every day. Coz it’s like the same thing repeating right? Well, that’s just a suggestion but I bet it’s not gonna happen.

Or maybe, the radio traffic reporter should just say this on air.

cute radio deejay

Short, sweet and message conveyed!

Oh well, traffic reports or not – traffic jams are inevitable.

That’s just my thoughts, what about you? What do you think of the radio’s traffic reports? Do they help you in any way? Tell me! :)

27 thoughts on “Unnecessary Traffic Reports on Radio

  1. huiii… these report dont bother me as i’m a hardcore motorcycle rider.


    wey how come ur second last picture like that? how on earth did the divider got through the car? izit been edited or what?

  2. since i just moved to puncak jalil and it is about 20 – 30 minuttes driving to my workplace at ikram. i never ever listen to the traffic report ever.

  3. They are just doing this crap for their money sake lol.

    “This traffic report is brought to you by bla bla bla”

    Freaking sponsorship.

  4. Yea~ There’s some good point.

    We listened to the radio traffic report and everyone have the same concept by using the other road, then the other roadway become jam too.

    That divider went into the car. OMG!

  5. everytime they talk about traffic reports, i just listen. i do agree it’s not necessary, coz sometimes I was there duhh ;P nowdays, even jln kampung also jam *sigh*

  6. Useful if you need to go from Point A to Point B at the least you would not be stuck on that route if there is a major accident can take other alternative route instead.

  7. OMG.. where did you find a picture a Viva going through a divider..

    Yeah I think, the car went into the divider.. and the divider pierced through..

  8. agree! traffic reports are just a waste of airtime.. they should only announce something that is out of the ordinary such as major accidents, tsunami on jalan Ipoh, cats and dogs fighting on Jalan Kuching or other more interesting stuffs..

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