Why Do I Blog?

Why Do I Blog?

It’s such a peculiar question, don’t you agree? Well, there are many reasons why one blogs. Different bloggers have different motivations when they hit the “publish” button.

blogging on mac

While many blog for the fun of it, to earn extra side-income or simply to document their life journey, it makes me think – what are my blogging motivations for the past 3 years.

Yes, kenwooi.com just had its 3rd Birthday, on May 8 to be exact.

It initially started when I was still a Degree student, innocently writing blog posts during the leisure time – only read by closest friends and family members. Little did I know, my humble blog is currently being read by quite a number of people that I haven’t even met.

blog traffic

But by looking at the current blog traffic statistics, actually not that many people also what. Not much different compared to last year also.

Alright, back to the topic – after giving it some thought, I came out with 3 main reasons why kenwooi.com has survived till today.


First of all, it’s simply because I like to blog. I want to write something that could potentially brighten up someone’s day. Sharing my thoughts, experiences, travel adventures and more obviously – dumb lame jokes.

When I’m not blogging, I’m Iron Man – trying to save the world.

iron man headgear

Secondly, a sustainable readership (despite the lack of comments nowadays) is definitely one huge motivation. To be honest, I’m not sure exactly how many people are avidly reading this blog – but no matter how many, you people are the main contributors to this mini success of kenwooi.com. Thank you for reading.

Oh by the way, this is definitely one of my avid reader…

kenwooi reader

She sent this photo to me not long ago. Anyone else gonna send me more?

The third factor would be the side-income. Well, I would certainly be lying if I say “I don’t blog for money” when I have advertisements on my blog. But it’s not a driven factor where I blog entirely just for money. If an opportunity arrives, it’s a gift. But still, if such opportunities are not worthy to be written, I’ll give it a pass.

nuffnang cheque

Yes, I don’t earn big as compared to other hardcore bloggers. Yet, I’m satisfied with what I get.


That’s all I have for you today… Oh wait, you think I missed out “to be famous and well-known”?

Then you are so wrong. Being famous isn’t one of my main objectives, and honestly – I would just prefer people to read and enjoy my blog. I’m really a boring guy in-person, believe it or not! ;)


Boring me!

But wait a minute… Actually, one doesn’t need to blog to be famous – all you need are big boobs…

sexy pink lingerie

(She must be famous somewhere, just not in Malaysia.)

…and sing a crappy song of a day!

rebecca black friday

You know, Rebecca Black is my inspiration! Get famous so fast!

Dang, I’m gonna get myself a pair of boobies and sing a song about the worst day of the week – Monday!

It’s Monday Monday. Gotta go work on Monday.
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend.

Workin’, workin’ (Boo!)
Workin’, workin’ (Boo!)
Sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks.
Lookin’ forward to the weekend.

Imma startin’ to love Monday! Anyway, my dear kenwooi.com, you have come a long way…

happy birthday

It’s your 3rd year and you’re a big boy now. :)

39 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. This time I pandai liao… I scroll your post until the end. saw some boobies photo.. I scroll up and read properly from the start.

    “this post is good. got boobs”


  2. one has to love to blog to stay on blogging, your blog viewers are very good, I believe you will be getting consistent gifts from nuffnang in the future!

  3. Congratulations for sticking with it. And you don’t have to apologise or justify that you make some revenue from the blog or have ads. Better to have a good blogger get paid some than to have one that has ads as the sole purpose of the blog.

  4. I still remember you came to my blog to comment and I was like “what? Kenwooi the famous blogger commented in my blog?” XD hahah yeah good reason to keep blogging. Happy three years old birthday! Mine will be 7th years in November but it definitely does not have so many readers as you! :)

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