Cameron Highlands BOH Tea Plantation

Cameron Highlands BOH Tea Plantation

No trip to Cameron Highlands is complete without a visit to the tea plantation – BOH Tea Plantation in particular.

Well, there are actually a few tea plantations scattered around Cameron but so far, the only one I visited was ‘BOH’ Sungei Palas Tea Centre.

cameron highlands sungei palas tea centre

It’s located at the central of Cameron Highlands, normally noticeable when you’re on the road heading to Perak.

A big signboard points to the tea centre indicating that it’s just 2km away. However, don’t be deceived by it – because you might face some trouble on your way in (and out too).

What trouble?

cameron highlands traffic jam

Yeah, this trouble!

Apparently the entrance road is the same as the exit road, and it’s so narrow that majority of the roadway can only accommodate the width of 1 car!

At certain sections, the road gets a little wider (barely enough to fit 2 cars) and that’s where cars stop and give in to each other.

You may get stuck sometimes (perhaps due to congestion), but while you wait – you can begin to admire the tea plantation that surrounds the road.

cameron highlands green tea

Accompanied by the cooling air, it’s definitely a place where you would want to be – to chill and relax!

cameron highlands visitors parking

After about 15 minutes drive or so, we finally reached the BOH visitors’ parking.

cameron highlands car park

Parked the car, and we started walking up the hill. Actually there is a higher car park area, but the space is limited – so majority of the visitors parked at the lower area.

cameron highlands panoramic balcony

On the way up, you see the viewing platform where you can experience a panoramic view of the tea plantation.

cameron highlands boh tea centre

Once at the top, the main thing that everyone will normally do is to admire the scenery – the tranquil green-ish view of the huge tea plantation.

cameron highlands tea plant

They are so green, that even The Hulk can use it as a camouflage!

cameron highlands tea plantation

Oh by the way, see the buildings on the left of the photo? It’s actually a school.

What?! A school? Yes, it is. Damn awesome right, studying in a vicinity surrounded by a tea plantation. Instead of paying attention to the teacher in class, they admire the view outside.

cameron highlands tea plantations

Even the gardener admires the flowers during his work.

Anyway, remember the viewing platform?

cameron highlands boh refreshments

It actually belongs to this refreshment area. Over here, you can buy food such as pastries, cakes and ice-cream, and also, obviously – a variety of BOH teas.

Then, as you walk towards the end, yes, there it is – the panoramic viewing platform.

cameron highlands panoramic view

Getting a table around the edge could be difficult as it’s a “hot & wanted” area. There, the visitors can enjoy the scenery and cool breeze while eating.

Moving on, there are BOH-related exhibitions as well.

cameron highlands boh exhibition

Along the way, there are articles and photos regarding the history of Cameron Highlands, the founders of the tea plantation, the evolution of BOH products and how much the company has grown so far.

There is also a tea-cum-souvenir shop located nearby.

cameron highlands tea shop

You can purchase BOH tea products here. I’m not sure about the price though, but if it’s cheaper – it’s certainly ideal for the tea lovers.

Other than that, the Sungei Palas Tea Centre has its own Tea Factory.

cameron highlands tea factory

According to sources, guided tour is available. But when I was there, there were no available tour at all. The lady at the counter said that we can enter by ourselves. Cool.

But honestly, I thought it’s gonna be a big factory and I might get lost inside – but know what, the pathway for the “factory visit” is so short!

cameron highlands boh tea factory

Here’s one of the views of the workers packing/separating the collected/processed tea leaves. Sorry can’t explain much due to insufficient information. I wish someone could have explained while I was there.

Oh well, it seems that the “factory visit” is more like a “factory see-n-go”.

Nevertheless, getting to see the green tea plantation for the first time (yes it was my first) is undoubtedly a marvelous experience when I was there.

cameron highlands the hulk

Oh wait, I think I managed to capture The Hulk camouflaging in the photo above!

Wow… Can you see it too?

17 thoughts on “Cameron Highlands BOH Tea Plantation

  1. The scenery there is really nice nice nice. Borneo highland cant compete with that. But I love the scenery at BH as well lah. :) a lot of amazing wallpaper shots there huh..

  2. wow. I came here like a decade ago and it seems to have changed a lot. What a beautiful scenery they’ve got there. The viewing platform wasn’t there back then and I didn’t even see the Hulk. Shit! He was probably on MC. LOL!

  3. Hahaha, I think I can roughly see the hulk too. Was wondering where’s the wit in this post :). Been quite some time since I visited Cameron, should probably do a trip there soon.

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