Cameron Highlands Trip

Cameron Highlands Trip

So I visited Cameron Highlands over the recent weekend. Located about 2 hours drive away from the nearest town Simpang Pulai, it could be an ideal place for a quick getaway.

Normally when it’s about Cameron Highlands, there are a few things that come into mind – tea plantation, cactus, strawberries and flowers.

cameron butterfly farm

Besides that, there are many butterfly farms located around Cameron. These farms don’t just feature butterflies – they have more than that.

cameron big cactus

Huge stumps of cactuses.

cameron leaf insect

Cute leafy crawling insects. Oh yeah, there are scorpions too – but obviously I’m a coward I don’t dare let it come near me!

cameron butterfly

And yeap, beautiful butterflies with beautiful flowers.

During the trip, we also stopped by a cactus outlet – the Cactus Point.

cameron cactus point

Well, obviously it’s all about cactus.

cameron cactus

There is a huge variety of cactus ‘design’ available. Some round, some long, some tiny and some big. Whatever you want, you name it.

cameron weird cactus

Even weird curly ones also have. Looks like a pile of green worms to me. :/

Then, the Fragrance Nursery was next on the list.

cameron fragrance nursery

You know, the name won’t disappoint you. Once you step into the vicinity, you can smell a fresh wonderful aroma.

cameron flower nursery

You get to see many ‘baby’ plants in baby pots being displayed neatly at every corner of the outlet. Ideal for those who love gardening and flowers.

cameron red flowers

As beautiful as they can be, some flowers are unfortunately not for sale.

Alright, next up – the main highlight of the trip is definitely the visit to the BOH Tea Plantation.

cameron boh sungei palas tea centre

Or… ‘BOH’ Sungei Palas Tea Centre to be exact. Even though it’s just 2km away, it could seem longer if there are too many visitors around.

When you’re there, you get to see the beautiful panoramic scenery of the super spacious tea plantation.

cameron tea plantation

Green here, green there. Up the hill, down the hill.

cameron tea plantation

The plantation is so huge, no wonder ‘BOH’ Tea is such a good business.

Anyway, nobody can deny that Cameron Highlands is a suitable place to plant strawberries due to its cool climate and fertile soil. Hence, the various strawberry farms around Cameron.

cameron strawberry farm

One of the strawberry farms I decided to stop by was Healthy Strawberri (Strawberry?) Farm. Just look at my healthy muscular biceps. Heh. ;)

cameron sell strawberry products

As usual, various products made from the strawberry are for sale. Jam and ice-cream are some of the well-known sold items.

cameron strawberries

Meanwhile, many still prefer the pure fresh strawberries which could cost up to RM10 a box.

Since the strawberry fruit is so famous in Cameron, many strawberry-related innovations came along to take advantage of its fame.

cameron strawberry balloon

They have strawberry-shapped balloons. Red coloured umbrellas.

Also, strawberry ice sticks…

cameron strawberry ice stick

It does look weird to me, but after sucking the frozen strawberry-flavoured ice from the stick – it became my new addiction.

I kept sucking like nobody’s business, until…

suck ice stick

I got caught on camera! That mouth-sucking-on-a-stick pose is just so… err… disgusting?! But looks like I’m really enjoying it though. :/

Oh well… that’s all for now. Stay tuned!

18 thoughts on “Cameron Highlands Trip

  1. yayy, you blogged about Cameron Highland. I haven’t been there for such a long time. A friend of mine had wanted to visit me in KL and asked me to take her to some good plc. I suggested Cameron Highland and she frowned. She’s probably going to change her mind when she reads ur entry about it. Thanks Ken. :-D

  2. I like the jam there…not traffic jam but strawberry jam. It really have chunks of strawberi. Last round borong quite a bit from.

    Hmm…the cactus looks a bit like boobs with torns. Good way to prevent uninvited itchy roaming hands

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