I’m a Potential Corn Surgeon

I’m a Potential Corn Surgeon

I never knew that a corn could be so annoying. That was until I had one, for the very first time.

yellow corn

No no, not this delicious corn. It’s actually the corn that grows on the foot caused by constant friction (still don’t understand the science behind it). Basically, a foot corn.

So yeah, it grew on the sole of my feet. Started off as an innocent little bump, which later on turned into an irritating damn-why-u-grew-there thing.

I had it for about 3 months, endured the pain caused by the pressure whenever I walk.

foot corn medication

I used corn plasters for almost a week, it’s still there. I applied corn-rid solution for about 2 weeks, damn it’s still there – my skin was pretty damaged though.

That was when I told myself – enough! Imma gonna get ride of it MYSELF!

foot corn bleeding

Yeap. My. Self. Project “Foot corn removal” initiated.

Actually I was advised to visit a doctor to get it surgically removed. Apparently the corn will always be there if you don’t remove the “root”.

Ahh… the root… needs to be surgically removed… so – I got a tweezer, washed it clean and took the plunge! I started fiddling and pulling the “infested” flesh off.

blood on tissue


It was frigging painful every single time when I attempt to pull out the corn flesh. It was quite deep.


I went on, very determined and motivated. I insisted that I will get rid of this nuisance – once and for all.

Oh yeah, if you are wondering how does the “corn flesh” looks like…

foot corn flesh

Yeap, that’s just a single piece – there are actually more of it. Imagine I had to gather my strength and guts just to extract such a tiny flesh from my feet – multiple times!

The pain was immense, the blood kept on flowing.

red polka dots

My tissue even turned into a red polka dot tissue. Lady Gaga would certainly love to use it on her future outfit.

Anyway, I persisted my mini “operation” and it took about 1 hour plus just to deal with it. And the outcome…

foot corn removed

I’m awesome. Pretty much the whole chunk of corn flesh has been removed (pulled off), and probably the root as well – since umm… there was a crater. What a bloody mess.

A day later, it looked like this…

foot corn remove

So black ah, and I thought to myself – was it successful?

About a week later, it looked like this…

foot corn

Well, I thought the corn has returned from the dead! Just look at the skin texture, so similar to a corn. All my effort seemed wasted at that moment.

But about 2 weeks since the operation…

foot corn removal

It has started to disappear! The skin was turning back to normal and there was no longer any pain when I pressed on it. Great!

And right now…

foot corn cured

I’m awesome! I have successfully gotten rid of the corn with my bare hands! Awesome or what? With my bare hands, ya know? Don’t play play!

Know what, thinking back on my amazing feat – I think I can be a professional surgeon one fine day.


I’m gonna be an awesome surgeon and make lots of money! :D

Advertisement: Anyone who wants their foot corn removed, please look for me. I’m charging RM100 per corn removal, no anesthetic provided.

surgeon operation

Oh yeah, no money back guaranteed. Terms & conditions apply. You lose your foot not my fault.

Kthxbai, visit my clinic next time!

43 thoughts on “I’m a Potential Corn Surgeon

  1. OMG I literally CRINGED when I saw your bloody foot-y mess !!! Yikes. Looks awful, and not to mention PAINFUL T.T

    But hebat la ! No need medical training also boleh jadi surgeon jor ! Congrats on your successful surgery !!!! :P

  2. Ewwww!!! So disgusting! I had 3 corns on my foot few years back and I get rid of them by applying some corn-rid solution and d*mn it, it just spoil my skin !!!

  3. I’ve have a corn which is still there since 2006. But after looking at all that blood, I think I’ll go for a surgery. Just… not from you…

  4. i went thru tt before too! the corn plasters were useless! And yeah it’s hellish pain to pull out the root with a tweezer, mine grew back from 2 to 10 on a foot!
    After that I use a drip solution thingy and it recovered. *phew*

  5. hahaha… actually there’s a way which is much more easier… that you don’t have to go through such a painful process.. if you never removed it properly.. it would tends to grew again.. then you’ll have to endure the pain again.. my dad even gone through the surgery twice.. later on, my dad found a solution for the third one.. >.< and the corn never grew again.. ^.^ all you need to do is only to boil a hot water.. slowly put your foot into the water… don't wait until the hot water gets cold.. do it for few times.. then the corn will go off forever.. lolx~

  6. You are really crazy for doing that to torture your feet in that way~oh my god..bloody creepy.But LOL when i read that part saying you can be a good surgeon.Rm100 without anesthetic?HELL NO!

  7. yeah~ gory blog post!

    quick! tag and reply to lady gaga at twitter to give her some fashion inspirations, she will be thanking you this monster lol

  8. i also got rid of my corn – but it wasn’t as deep as yours so i just rubbed and rubbed and pulled and pulled and out it came, and this was 35 years ago and have never had another one since. but i’m far more careful about the shoes i now wear.

  9. ewwwww im eating apple while reading your blog.. ish! i hope next time you anticeptic your tools before doing this. painful but satisfying process ah…

  10. I used your method.. It totally works….Loved the results.. Got rid of 3 corn in both my feet….Great work……Thanks for the advice…

  11. I’m also having same kind of corn in my right foot for last ten years ,am gonna try ur surgical process today wish me luck thank you.

  12. i didn’t even do anything. All I did was waited (unfortunately about a year) and then it went away. I’m not sure how but its gone now!

  13. hi..so sad, i got a foot corn aslike you now, it’s about 2 weeks passed..very painful and i used the nail clipper removal the corn but blooding out aslike your pictures above. Now my foot look ugly…i still in observation stage for this corn. Will plan to go surgery if can’t success surgical by myself. We always prefer to do it ourself first before let dr. busy for us. Hope im fine after review from your blog sharing about this foot corn problem.

  14. Thx to this blog really helps me a lot.
    I had total of 8corns on my both foot, i thought it just the foot blistered, I had no idea what it is and how to remove it, I tried to trimmed with nail clipper but it was bleeding so much, after bear for 2months until I found this blog about self surgery.
    Firstly get a liquid corn solution at any pharmacy and put few drops on corn followed by instruction, soften the hard corn bout 1week, finally it’s time for corn harvest.. I can easily remove my corn. Hurray!

  15. This is not a corn. It’s a wart. Warts are very vascular (meaning lots of blood vessels) which is why they bleed so much during removal. Corns are not, and shouldn’t bleed like that. I can even see the tiny black dots from tiny dead blood vessels in one of the pics. Do not attempt self surgery on a wart. You risk spreading them or having them come a lot nastier and angrier.

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