Mother’s Day Special Edition FAIL

When Mother’s Day comes along, celebration dinner and gifts normally appear on one’s mind. And during such an occasion, consumer goods companies would take it as an advantage to increase their sales.

One example is to come up with a set of special edition products in-conjunction with Mother’s Day…

mother day special edition

All “dressed” in red, simply signifying the theme “love” for those celebrating – the mothers.

Here’s a closer look…

mother day ajax fabuloso

They have a special edition for Ajax Fabuloso, for cleaning the floor.

mother day axion

Axion, for washing the dishes.


Glo, for washing the dishes as well.

mother day softlan

And last but not least – Softlan, fabric conditioner for washing clothes.

Now, would you buy all these as gifts for your mom? Definitely not – it’s like saying “Hey mom, Happy Mother’s Day. These are for you, so do more housework!”

Her possible reaction…

angry mother spank

The verdict – Mother’s Day Special Edition FAIL!

12 Comments for Mother’s Day Special Edition FAIL

  1. Lol! Such household items also comes in a set?

  2. haha you’re right, it kinda gives off that vibe of ‘do more housework pls kthxbai’

  3. That shows Mother day or still got to go on!!

  4. Wow, that is a terrible idea for a mother’s day special edition.

  5. Hahaha,

    I don’t want to give my mother a gift like that. But maybe moms like the roses printed.

    I think the brands want to show their appreciation too. But a gift like pinggan or mangkuk would be better.


  6. Memang FAIL! Instead of wasting money on the packaging, might as well give free gift. Maybe a bowl, umbrella or food vouchers

  7. ohno! i definitely wont give this as a mother’s day gift! FAIL big time la wei!! LOL!

  8. You can give that…and offer to the laundry till it all runs out. Then your mum would surely thank you. LOL!!!

  9. Hahaha!! Definitely Fail! : D

  10. this is sure not a good suggestion for mother’s day gift.kesian mak dapat pencuci lantai je

  11. LOL… yeah I’ve seen a lot of those mother day’s products… like wuuuuuut~~~~~~~

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