Wicked Comment from Anonymous Hater

Wicked Comment from Anonymous Hater

Every now and then, kenwooi.com gets hate comments from anonymous cowards.

kenwooi suck

Here’s one length expressive wicked hate comment that really caught my attention. The hate message is in italic font


“Your f**king f**ked up smelly clan (the Chinese clan) who don’t give 2 hoots about taking their bath in the morning or eve brushing their teeth which smells like a dead rat just started decomposing in their mouth.”

dead mouse mouth

Wow, that serious? I need my dentist!

“And I am 100% sure you are one of those thousands who don’t even give a damn about taking a bath. Your clan dig noses and just leave it everywhere knowing other people are going to touch the same place.”

digging nose

Me dig nose none of your business. Your hand don’t so itchy touch here touch there okay!

“Who the heck are you to say who is good looking or not? You think your bloody Chinese clan is good looking. Come on, look at yourself first. Your flat nose looks like a car rammed flat on a white paper.”

car crash

Wah, damn strong ah the white paper!

“But then again, if you looked at yourself in the mirror, then you would know that you’re an ugly fool. But I guess you didn’t.”

Seriously?! So I looked at myself in the mirror…

david beckham head

Wait a minute… look hensem what! What you think? Hansem right?

“Too bad, you are just one ugly fool calling others ugly. Like the saying that goes, ‘pot calling the kettle black’.”

pot calling kettle black



Well, my conclusion from the hate comment was…

black beckham nonsense

Is this how he/she described me? Do I even look like this? o.O

Oh well, this particular hater is really imaginative! *applause*

30 thoughts on “Wicked Comment from Anonymous Hater

  1. Congrats! Having haters is good! You can’t be really famous if you don’t have a few haters to help to create free publicity.

  2. wah~ got hatters means u damn famous lah! I hate those racist remark (about clans and what not). If I get that person I’ma kick his/her ass so bad they won’t be able to sit for a month!

  3. possibilities :

    1. he/she is a professional hate mechanism or something
    2. maybe the sender is an old flame of yours, she admired you from school days, yet you didn’t give a damn or dime on her… hehehe just kidding kenwooi

  4. ala ken.. dun bother la ppl like that hahahah itu org tiada life punya org…. tiada kerja lain mau buat.. i think kenwooi ok apa…. selalu i jadi silent reader jer hehehe

  5. u know what. haters are those who stalk u more than your lovers did. they envy u so much as they think that comment will push u down. coward anon

  6. wah! hater! i hate them..agree with jairo and those kind of person have some issues! :-) sama bodoh la kalau nak lawan balik ngan dia kan.

  7. your way of addressing the matter is superbly cool and brilliant! Keep up the positive attitude and lets hope the majority of the people in the world think the same way instead of slipping to the dark side.. :)

  8. When you gain any amount of popularity.. it’s going to attract it’s fair share of attention from such commentators.. you just can’t please everyone!

    At least, you know you’re attracting traffic.. hehe… bad press is still press right? =p

  9. it is so jealous maa :PP and this is the most odd kind of way and also the first! to respond to a hater comment..
    hmmmmm :P

  10. You get hate comments? Why? I don’t get any, touch wood.

    P.S. Aiyor…you’re in Top 15. Mine disqualified already. Ok…I’ll hop over and like yours. You owe me one, ya?

  11. Atleast you’ve handled the situation calmly and not shooting back here and there. Can’t expect to please everyone. Good job. :) I Respect.

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