Dim Sum at Jin Xuan Hong Kong

Dim Sum at Jin Xuan Hong Kong

Having dim sum for breakfast is Malaysians’ all-time favourite thing to do in the morning. A perfect exhibit is Ipoh’s famous Foh San Dim Sum.

But unfortunately you won’t get that in Klang Valley, so it’s about exploring other dim sum restaurants. One place I visited was Jin Xuan Hong Kong Restaurant – located at Uptown Damansara.

jin xuan dim sum

There are other branches as well, but since Uptown is near my place – it’s obvious why I picked it.

Reaching there and seeing heaps of customers dining or waiting is something quite ordinary. Restaurants like this, especially good ones like Jin Xuan, should be a craze for many.

Just look at the waiting list…

jin xuan waiting list

Since there were no available tables, we had to wait for a while. Then given a piece of paper, sort of like a queue slip.

jin xuan ticket

Yeap, that’s “leen” waiting at number 57. Bad handwriting though.

Waited for a bit and we finally got ourselves a table! Went in and woah, look… so many people.

jin xuan restaurant

Watch out for dim sum addicts!

Anyway, let’s proceed to our order that morning. Quite predictable actually – after all, dim sums will always be dim sums.

thousand year egg pork congee

First, Thousand Year Egg & Pork Congee at RM4.00. Also known as a porridge.

dim sum shrimp rice roll

Shrimp Rice Roll or simply known as chee cheong fun at RM4.80. Honestly, not worth it. You can get better ones at a way cheaper price out there.

dim sum sui mai

The usual Siu Mai (Traditional Chinese Dumpling) dim sum at RM4.50.

dim sum seaweed roll

Seaweed Roll dim sum at RM4.00.

dim sum mixed seafood dumpling

Mixed Seafood Dumpling dim sum at RM4.50.

dim sum har gaw

Prawn Dumpling dim sum, known as har gow in Chinese, at RM4.50.

Next up, fried stuff dim sums – my favourites of all! ;)

dim sum fried yam pastry

Fried Yam Pastry, or known as wu gok in Chinese, at RM4.00.

dim sum fried beancurd roll

Fried Beancurd Roll at RM4.50. Always love it with the mayonnaise dip.

dim sum golden bun

And lastly, the Golden Bun at RM3.60. Some may refer it as the Custard Bun too.

Well, actually it’s not as simple as munching it right away. Before you eat them, you gotta peel its outer skin first.

dim sum golden bun ready

Once naked, give it a good sexy bite. Something ‘exciting’ will ensue!

dim sum golden bun cream

Look! The custard cream inside the bun ‘ejaculated’! After that, you can either continue to suck it, lick its cream or just swallow the whole thing! ;)

Alright, overall the food was pretty good. The total bill was about RM45 (service charge included). But evidently, some of the prices could be a little pricey.

Nevertheless, that’s the price you gotta pay for dining at a well-established dim sum outlet like Jin Xuan Hong Kong right?

please come again

So yeah, sure – I’ll come again. ;)

Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong (Uptown)
63G 65G, Jalan SS21/60, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: 3.1330, 101.6217
Tel: 03-77298881

33 thoughts on “Dim Sum at Jin Xuan Hong Kong

  1. I always love a meal of dim sum once in a while. But if everyday have dim sum, i’m either too rich, or I do not care much for my health. Lol!

    The food photos looks good bro.

  2. Typical KL dim sum. We have one place here – RM10 for any three “lou”. Not bad, nice…but not so elegant. Gee! With a crowd like that, I would go elsewhere. Just see, already headache – old man can’t tahan.

  3. Looks like a very very popular dim sum place, despite the price tags! Maybe I should go check this out when I am back in KL..thanks for the recommendation:)

  4. It’s rather pricey for me. Next time try out Restaurant Key Hiong at Taman Megah and Khee Way Dim Sum at Sg Buloh. But these two place tarak air-cond la..and tarak service charge too :p

  5. I love dim sum! But I guess I wouldn’t go there because it’s rather pricey. I can get everything I like in one of the dim sum restaurants in Bandar Menjalara. Hehe! :D

  6. The yam pastry is something I cannot resist every time I have dim sum. The one shown here looks good too.

    Must be very popular looking at the crowd and number of customers.

  7. Just cant help it if its pricey coz of the place and location. Normal small coffee shop would have their prices around RM2.80-3.00 and the last I saw one blogger having dimsum in 1U its lagi high at Rm8.00-9.00 per basket that’s double what you had. Either food is exceptionally good or paying extras for the ambience and the name. Echo Isaac cant afford to eat dimsum everyday, like that small coffee shop I went to last week in Kajang, for two pax the damage was RM24 and it might double in ‘Jin Xuan’ and four folds in 1U. Well the choice would always depend on individual’s taste and the depth of the pockets.

  8. yoh leen! LOL!

    Not bad la Jin Xuan Dim Sum . . . but if over eat and chat too much on the table. End up the bill is RM 80++ for 4 people LMAO.

    But the best thing about Jin Xuan is having multi choices variety of Dim Sum and all of them taste good!

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