Oh, I’m a Father!

Oh, I’m a Father!

Wow, apparently I am a father (surprised?) because Hotlink declares so…

father's day sms

Received this SMS recently. “Happy Father’s Day” to me?

Err… I’m not married, don’t have a wife and don’t even have any kid yet!

father's day wish

Well, King Ken seems to have his pawns kids wishing him on Father’s Day too! Hotlink, your SMS really FTW, or #FAIL?

Anyway, I’ll dedicate these messages to my father. Happy Father’s Day dad, and to all fathers as well! :)

21 thoughts on “Oh, I’m a Father!

  1. LOL! Happy “father”‘s day Ken! :P Probably they know you’re on your way to becoming one very soon? Be sure to get married first though Papa Ken!

  2. Hahaha.. I’m reading this tot u’re father ;P
    sooner later u will be a father

    perhaps maybe Maxis tot u’re father oladie ;P
    hehehe just kidding.

    Happy father’s day to all father out there.

    To ken, maybe you should consider it soon ;P hehehe

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