How to Fix a Computer for Noobies

How to Fix a Computer for Noobies

Every now and then, your computer is bound to have problems. You want to fix it, but you don’t know how to.

computer repair service

No worries! Here is a 10 simple step-by-step guide to fix your computer, especially for noobies (like you!).


1) Press F5 key on keyboard.

computer f5 key

It works as a “refresh” function. Spam (press repetitively) on it whenever your program hangs or your web browser doesn’t display the website.

If it doesn’t work, proceed to next step.

2) Close the program, start again.

computer close program

Click on the red “X” button or press Alt + F4 to close the program. Once you’re done, re-open the program again. It should be alright.

If it doesn’t work, proceed to next step.

3) Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys simultaneously on keyboard.

computer ctrl alt del

Chances are your computer programs are problematic, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys and “end” unnecessary or non-responsive programs.

If it doesn’t work, proceed to next step.

4) Knock the computer.

computer knock

A few knocks could do the trick on a stubborn computer. Not too hard, not too soft – just nice will do.

If it doesn’t work, proceed to next step.

5) Restart the computer.

computer restart

Shut down the computer and restart it. In technical term, it’s called “rebooting the system” – nothing related to the boots Phua Chu Kang wear.

If it doesn’t work, proceed to next step.

6) Check the power supply.

computer power plug

Maybe the power plug is lose, therefore somehow affecting the computer. Do check on it, and make sure it’s switched on.

If it doesn’t work, proceed to next step.

7) Check the battery. (if not using direct power supply)

computer battery

Maybe the battery is dead, do check on it. If it’s dead, please re-charge by using the power supply.

If battery is fine and it doesn’t work, proceed to next step.

8) Call customer support hotline.

Dail “HELP-999” for customer technical support/assistance of the computer’s manufacturer company.

computer customer help 1

computer customer support 1

computer customer help 2

computer customer support 2

computer customer help 3

computer customer support 3

computer customer help 4

P/S: Kids, don’t attempt the hand stunt (on the last photo) at home.

If it doesn’t work (duh!), proceed to next step.

9) Send to computer repair/service shop.

computer repair shop

Perhaps a face-to-face approach is better than talking over the phone. Get the technicians to check and fix it.

If it doesn’t work, proceed to the final step.

10) Buy a new computer.

new hp laptop box

You may have no other choice but to buy another computer.


Great! There you go – your computer is finally fixed (and a brand new one too) and alive!

– This “For Noobies” series is written by Ken Wooi and brought to you exclusively by Kenwooi Publications.

31 thoughts on “How to Fix a Computer for Noobies

  1. I kinda still remember …. those so called “virgin” days online.. .and didn’t quite know the tricks and trades of the cpu…

    And… got fooled by someone, who told me to do a Alt + f4….

    I think it was in a game… hmmmm

  2. Never done step 4 before XD
    But the most i go is until step 5 ^^
    Other steps never go thru yet but my lappy still survive after 4 years XD
    But got problem already with the fan n lazy to fix it so straight jump to step 10..

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