Food at Cameron Highlands

Food at Cameron Highlands

Top tourist attraction Cameron Highlands may be cooling, but it’s definitely not a food heaven. The butterflies may get its ‘food’ from the freshest nectar on flowers…

butterfly on flower

But the human visitors usually don’t.

On this blog entry, we’ll go through some of the ‘local’ food my group had when we visited Cameron Highlands not long ago.

At Tanah Rata, there are several coffee shops that serve common food you can get practically anywhere.

chicken rice

One good example is the chicken rice. Other than this, you may also get noodles, mamak food and Malay delicacies.

Simple lunch, but you’re set for more bites while going around the highlands.

strawberry ice stick

At any strawberry farms, you can probably get the strawberry ice sticks. Tastes sweet and cold. It just costs RM1 per stick.


Strawberries are one of the top attractions at Cameron Highlands. Some visitors purchase a huge amount of freshly plucked strawberries.

strawberry chocolate

At certain places, you can get strawberries dipped in chocolate. The sweetness of the chocolate dip and the sourness of the strawberries combine together and create a intriguing mix of taste.

strawberry sticks

Normally these strawberries are prepared with wooden sticks first and will only then be dipped into the chocolate upon order.

Other than the typical strawberries, you can get other various delicacies at street food markets along the main road.

fried fritters

Fried stuffs such as banana fritters (pisang goreng), chicken nuggets and fried mushrooms.

sweet corn in cup

There is also my favourite sweet corn in a cup! Creamy and munchy.

Off the streets, if you’re dropping by the ‘BOH’ Sungei Palas Tea Centre, there is a refreshment area as well.

boh refreshment area

The food here could be a little pricey, but you can get food like pastries, cakes and ice-creams. Over here, you can enjoy the scenery of the tea plantation while eating.

Some of the food we had was…

blue scone

Blueberry Scone and Cream. Tasty especially with the white cream. You know, it costs RM7 per piece.

Told ya it’s quite expensive.

strawberry cake

Strawberry cake. Sweet and creamy, what more can you expect from a cake like this?

strawberry tart

Strawberry tart, filled with strawberry paste inside.

chocolate melt

Chocolate melt that doesn’t melt.

kid lollipop

And lastly from the menu, the Firecrackers Hot Dog. Nothing fiery nor crackery, it’s just stuffed with an ordinary hot dog.

Well, since it’s long and looks interesting, I just can’t resist this pose…

hot dog mouth

Look! Long stuff going into my mouth. Yum yum, tasty. :P

That’s pretty much it. Oh wait, what about steamboat? Yes, it’s quite a preferred meal at Cameron but we didn’t stay till night to have steamboat dinner.

By the way, for the kids. They can also have…

kid lollipop

A lollipop! Just spotted this kid enjoying his sweet.

kid lollipop nom


Alright, there are actually more, way more, different types of food around Cameron Highlands, but these are the ones we had during our less than 1 day trip to Cameron. :)

20 thoughts on “Food at Cameron Highlands

  1. I love Cameron, my favorite is always steamboat! For tea time, I love scones (especially the one from smokehouse) and special strawberry brew tea~ =D

  2. I didn’t know they sold strawberry sticks! I would love that! I tasted their raw corn and it was so sweet & crispy uncooked! So yummy lah!

    Now Cameron Highlands is always jammed with cars and it could spoil our holiday moods!

  3. Yummy…I miss the strawberries…it’s been some time since I went there…and I totally agree with you…definitely not a food haven…haha!! Ipoh is food haven…;)
    Anyway, just wondering what camera u use to capture these photos? It look kinda nice…

    1. Hi, nice to know that you love the Highlands. Perhaps you may like to know about the latest development at Kea Farm Cameron Highlands. The up coming project will be Aranda Nova at Kea Farm; a Resort and Residence with the first shopping complex in Cameron Highlands. You may like to find out more at our website or search in Facebook, Aranda Nova at Kea Farm Cameron Highlands. Oh, please go to latest one with at least 130 likes and many photos attached. Our website is new and is still under constant updating. Thank you.

  4. Long stuff going into your mouth ;)

    Cameron Highlands, it never complete without a visit to those straberry farms and the ever present Boh Tea plantation. :) Glad to see you enjoyed yourself bro.

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