Social Issues by Disloyal Husbands, say Loyal Husbands Club

Social Issues by Disloyal Husbands, say Loyal Husbands Club

PETALING JAYA: You get married, stay loyal; otherwise don’t get married – that’s the key message to men by a club which will focus on how to reduce social ills committed by husbands.

loyalty road

The Loyal Husbands Club, launched together with the Obedient Wives Club, will work hand-in-hand (just like a married couple) to provide advice and guidance to husbands to stay loyal to their wives, and stay the f*ck off other ladies.

Its spokesman Ken Wooi said many social ills were caused by disloyal husbands who gatal gatal and look for satisfaction from other women. But in our defense, sometimes it’s other women who gatal gatal too.

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“Domestic or international disloyalty happens because husbands are dominant male species. The more holes they drill, they more manly they feel. Actually one hole is enough, but a hungry man is a horny man”, he told KNN (Kenwooi News Network, not Kanina) during the launch.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who endorses the club, stressed “This is 1Malaysia. Husbands should have 1Wife and wives should have 1Husband. That’s the way to unity. We believe in THE ONE, and that’s why the government fully support the Loyal Husbands Club and Obedient Wives Club.”

1malaysia 1husband 1wife

He also hinted that these 2 clubs will have an allocated budget next year in the Malaysia Budget 2012. It’s estimated about RM10mil will be channeled to these parties for activities and campaigns such sex lessons, wife-cum-whore lessons, loyal husband lessons and why-get-married awareness campaigns.

And when asked why the large sum of budget for this (since couples should have mutual understanding and love instead of “lessons”), he replies…

najib 1malaysia

najib 1malaysia concept

Err… 1Dead Altantuya?

najib rawr

Then, when asked whether is there a contradiction between the “polygamy marriage”, which allows Muslim men to take up to 4 wives, with the 1Wife statement, he answered…

muslim polygamy marriage

Basically our Prime Minister knows his Mathematics well.

Moving on, an anonymous man commented “A husband should buy sexy lingerie for his wife and explore more in the privacy of their homes. Why pay unnecessarily to a prostitute when you can do it for free at home?”

very sexy lingerie

Just imagine your wife in this attire! Boobies! *rubs eyes and wipes saliva*

On whether it was the husband’s fault if he was disloyal, Ken Wooi replied: “Yes, definitely because he is gatal gatal. But he can only be disloyal if his wife is disloyal as well. Because it will eventually be a divorce. Unless they finally realize that they are meant for each other, like in the love movies.”

Just like the Twilight love affair. The undying twist of love.

twilight love

Ken also stated that plans on organizing the “Anti-Gatal Campaign for Husbands” is in progress. It will educate husbands to get their wives to scratch away the itchiness instead of getting other ladies to scratch it.

Kenwooi Community, an organization founded by the single member of the Kenwooi Corp, is behind the formation of the club. It had also launched the Awesome Boyfriends Club two years ago.

Ken said he treated his girlfriend Barbie at his very best. They are not married yet. But his girlfriend is a happy lady, you can see it from her actions. Barbie was interviewed recently…

barbie doll awesome

“And that’s the ultimate key to being a loyal husband in the future. Be Awesome!”, Ken added.

– This news is brought to you by Kenwooi News Network (KNN).

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  1. 1Ken!! Love the post. Love the creativity. Love the cynism. Love the hidden yet very good message..KNN..hahaha..great acronym pun..Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Everyone blog about this so seriously but you blog it so damn funny and makes it so interesting. Loves your blog because every of your post really cheers my day.

    Thanks for your comment on Tokyo Tower. I was so elated when saw your name :)

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