Lychee Fried Rice FAIL

Lychee Fried Rice FAIL

When you see it on the menu, you may think that the Lychee Fried Rice would be something out of the ordinary.

But once it’s served to you…

lychee fried rice

It doesn’t seem so after all.

Apparently, it’s just another plate of fried rice with vegetables, fruit and not forgetting the main ingredient – a single piece of lychee…

fried rice with lychee

…which was placed beside the scoop of fried rice. There you go Sir, your Lychee Fried Rice!

Fail or no fail?

37 thoughts on “Lychee Fried Rice FAIL

  1. They shouldn’t call as Lychee Fried Rice. Better call Watermelon Fried Rice because if you didn’t take at the nearer spot, I will keep wondering if there any lychee inside the rice

  2. Gimmick! To hoodwink unsuspecting customers! How much did you pay for that? Must be more expensive than usual. Should tell people the name, take a photograph of the place and share… This kind of people must be taught a lesson – let them go bankrupt!

  3. Lol!! got 1 ma, :P you’re lucky they didn’t go ahead and poured lychee syrup on your fried rice, then say “Nah!! you want lychee, got lychee now!”

  4. Unbelievable, really a marketing gimmick but
    it only attract the curiosity for first time.
    Once try, that is it …

    Btw, congrats on your Proton Exora Event’s win :)

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