Food Porn with Mei Six Hin

Food Porn with Mei Six Hin

Quite recently I got an opportunity to do food photography, or also known as food porn (don’t ask me why).

eagle sugar sculpture

It was quite a good experience, trying to take nice shots of the prepared dishes. I’m not a good food photographer, by the way. But hey, it was actually for taking promotion dishes photos of a new restaurant, namely Mei Six Hin Restaurant at Prima Sri Gombak.

Alright, here are my favourite shots of each dishes. And of course, thoughts on the food itself. Feast your eyes!

pei pa prawn

Salt and Pepper Pei Pa Prawns. It’s not any ordinary prawn, the shell is hard and the only way to get the meat is to dig it out. Simply succulent, the aroma of the prawn is just too good to resist.

asparagus with nuts

Stir Fried Asparagus. Together with lily bulbs, pine nuts and macadamia, it’s simple yet delicious. Gotta love the addition of the nuts.

steamed clams

Steamed Clams. Prepared with ginger wine, it smells wine-y and its gravy and ginger strips made the clams all the more intriguing and flavoursome.

coconut curry prawn

Coconut Curry Prawns. I didn’t get to try it, but according to the rest – it’s spicy and the prawns are juicy.

steamed fish

Steamed Garoupa Rolls. Beautifully created with snow peas being skillfully rolled up with the fresh delicate fish meat.

steamed fish rolls

This unique preparation process creates a tender yet crunchy combination. Quite fascinating.

braised shark lips

Braised Sand Shark Lips. Looking rather exquisite with the jaw of the shark. Not sure what to look for as it’s something rather rare to me. The jellied texture from the shark was just fine, but the scallops + vege + gravy combination is tasty.

bean curd with mushrooms

Homemade Bean Curd. Dressed with various ingredients such as golden needles mushroom, button mushrooms, carrots and snow peas, the bean curd is smooth and tasty.

pork ribs

Smiling Pork Ribs. A specialty by the chef, its rich and distinguish gravy flavour compliments the meat. Certainly a good choice for the pork enthusiasts.

salted egg yolk crab

Salted Egg Yolk Crab. Dry, coated with salted egg yolk, smells good and definitely tastes good. The crab meat is sweet and it’s finger-licking good!

roast chicken

Two Flavors Roast Chicken. The term “two flavour” derives from the chicken – 1 portion of plain chicken and the other portion is ‘flavoured’ with shredded onions, cucumber and chili strips (sort of like Thai style).

roast chicken with sauce

The dish is then accompanied with a westernized style sauce. So what more can you expect from roasted chicken? Although it’s already tasty on its own, dipping the meat into the sauce surely tastes better!

pork knuckle

Thai Style Pork Knuckle. Crispy skin, soft yet tender fleshy meat and served with Thai sweet sour vege accompaniment. It comes in a generous portion, another must-have for the pork lovers.

shark fin soup

And lastly, King of Shark Fin Soup. Lovely blend of shark fin and crab meat, luscious taste and I loved it the soup! Delightful end the meal.

Well, that’s all the shots I got. What do you think of the photos? Give me some comments alright? :)

Oh yeah, don’t forget – you can definitely get this dishes from Mei Six Hin Restaurant and it’s officially opening its business on 24 June 2011, which is actually today!

Mei Six Hin Restaurant
G-62, Jalan Prima SG 3/1,
Prima Sri Gombak, 68100, Selangor
Tel: Steven 012-359 3109 / Winnie 017-279 9927

31 thoughts on “Food Porn with Mei Six Hin

  1. Your foods seems different!

    I want to eat that Coconut Curry Prawns! Nyum!

    Your shots were okay! No worry! Try more shots like the clams one! Make your readers craving more with close up shots! :)

  2. Get a lens (not necessary macro) with aperture F1.8 and try again. The bokeh and sharpness will bring your pics up one notch. (I am using prime F1.8 35mm for Nikon for portraits and food, so far so good.).. why food porn?

  3. Yum! Yum! Nice food! Nice pics! Ummm…the coconut curry one, can try a better angle. Some really great shots – like the salt & pepper prawns, the steamed clams and the garoupa close-up. Like professional! Keep it up!

  4. wow.. the dishes look so unique and different.. maybe that is why this is called pornography? looking into the inner depths of food.. hahaha..

  5. Oh the ‘Steamed Garoupa Rolls’ is like the mama fish is doing her scale rolls and ready for bed but too bad got caught with the rollers and steamed together. Quite a creative food presentation. Nice.

  6. Arghh!! Wrong time I came to visit this post… Am hungryyyyy!!!! Hahahah

    I love doing food tasting.. Cos during food tasting, the chef will surely cook the very best so that they got the good feedbacks….

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