Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Event

Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Event

Before anyone starts making assumption – yes Proton Exora is an MPV – but NO, I’m not test-driving it because I’m expecting a family.

proton exora event

Somehow or rather majority of the people think MPVs are meant for family right? Instead of Multi-Purpose Vehicles, they should be renamed to Married-People Vehicles huh?

Anyway, quite recently – I attended a VIP test-drive event organized by Proton.

proton exora form

Yes, it was a session to test-drive the Proton Exora and it was organized at Sunway Giza Mall.

Done with breakfast and fast forward a little, briefings by the organizers…

proton exora talk

Then fast forward a little more… the moment we all were waiting for, the test-drive session!

proton exora group photo

As usual, all smiles for the group shot with the Proton Exora. Then we headed off to our assigned car.

proton exora white

This was the lucky Proton Exora that was driven by the awesome Ken Wooi!

Here’s a little sneak-peak into the front interior design, nothing much special actually – just seems like any other car.

proton exora interior

Soon after that, the Proton Exora convoy took off – from Sunway Giza all the way to Desa Park City and ended up at an empty car park area.

proton exora test drive

Over here, participants were allows to test-drive the Proton Exora and push it to the limit by experiencing on the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) System.

In layman explanation, it was basically to test on the emergency brake and accident avoidance.

proton exora cars

So the Proton Exoras were lined up, all prepared to face the ultimate no-mercy test!

To be honest, when it was my turn to flaunt my awesome driving skills, I was very excited.

proton exora driver

Excited to drive a car like never before. You know – step on it, accelerate to the max and then deliberately press the brake pedal to the max as well.

I wouldn’t do that to my own car to be honest. So it’s now or never! (Unless I get more opportunities at other automobile companies like BMW and Ferrari. Please?)

Anyway, once in the car and ready – the coordinator standing outside will give the instruction via the walkie-talkie.

proton exora brake test

“Go go go go go go go go go go go…. gooo… BRAKKKEEEE! WHY U NO BRAKE PROPERLY?!”

That phrase was very common. Really.

proton exora drive

Every participant got the chance to do this mini “stunt” and I tell you, it was really fun – driving the car and pushing it to the limit! Brake like never before, don’t worry they are all just cones.

proton exora emergency brake

By the way, the Proton Exora that I drove was so delighted with my driving skills, it decided to give me a hug…

proton exora love

Aww.. good hug! I love you too, buddy!

Besides that, there were challenges for the participants as well.

proton exora side parking

The first one is side-parking with the Proton Exora, driven by a blind-folded driver and only given instruction by the partner from outside.

Some took quite some time to accomplish it, but we managed to complete the side-parking in less than 2 minutes. Of course, I was the one giving the instructions. ;)

This is the side-parking challenge video of my partner, Jane, and I.

P/S: Video thanks to Merryn from

proton exora pile up

The other challenge is the pile-up challenge where participants must transfer all the luggage bags into the Proton Exora and get the “family members” into the car in the fastest time.

For this round, my partner and I completed it in less than a minute. :)

After that, participants were required to undergo an interview.

proton exora interview

They require us to speak in Mandarin but since I’m a banana Chinese, answering the questions was pretty… hard?

Anyway, once all the activities at Desa Park City were done, the convoy headed back to Kota Damansara.

proton exora road

Back at Sunway Giza Mall, there were more boring talks (so fast forward again) and then participants were given a set of questions to answer.

The questions were mainly on the features of the Proton Exora, some car jargon and more about Proton Exora (duh).

proton exora questions

When I agreed to participate in this event, I didn’t expect much – just test-drive the Proton Exora, meet some people and head home.

But there was actually an ongoing contest where the results were calculated based on the answers on the question form and the timed challenges at Desa Park City.


proton exora prize

OH MY, my partner and I (surprisingly and unexpectedly) won the 1st prize for the event challenge! What a shocker! O.o

If you’re wondering what’s inside, no it’s not a coupon to redeem a Proton Exora okay… Proton where got so generous? It’s actually just cash prize. :)

proton exora gift bags

Got some goodie bags too.

Oh yeah, by the way, I’m not really interested in the automobile industry and I don’t even blog about cars – but you know why I managed to participate in this Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Event?

Well, it’s because…


kenwooi walkie talkie is the official walkie-talkie sponsor for the event! ;)

25 thoughts on “Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Event

  1. lol. Cool ! Proton is very confident with the Exora, its good quality for that price and it got a 4 Star for Safety in Europe. 5 Star is the most desirable and the bells and whistles on this car is what u see in cars like BMW or Merc. Plus the car is made of high tensile steel mostly adding to the safety. Cool !

  2. Oh so you are Ken Wooi. Saw you at the event but I wasn’t sure. Your posts are always funny but you look so serious one. hehe. Congrats ya, you did really well..:)

  3. I found it very fascinating that you were using an umbrella while giving instructions in the video! Really reminds me of myself :P Btw well done with the contest!!!

  4. since you give a thumbs up i gonna consider it…hehehe…nice goodies bags….give to me if u don’t want to use anymore….hehehe….walkie talkie….hehehe…cool

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