Expensive Roaming Rates Get Cheap

Expensive Roaming Rates Get Cheap

It’s always a problem when it comes to calling back home when you’re traveling. The roaming rates are usually really expensive.

asian flags

Just look at the rate when I visited France some time ago.

france roaming rate

Wow, RM6 per minute to call back Malaysia? Absurd or what?

But now everything’s about to change with Celcom. Enjoy a single low flat rate of just 98 cents whenever you travel in Asia. With Axiata roaming partners, you can get the lowest rates when you travel to these following Asian countries…

In Singapore with M1…

singapore marina bay

In Bangladesh with Robi…

bangladesh event

In Cambodia with Hello…

cambodia angkor wat

In Indonesia with PT XL…

indonesia scenery

And lastly, in Sri Lanka with Dialog Telekom PLC…

sri lanka elephant

So with Celcom, you can now enjoy the best single call roaming rate of 98 cents per minute!

It also has a daily unlimited data roaming plan for Internet at just RM38 per day at all the 5 countries. Besides that, it has the best roaming rates for calls, SMS and data usage. Celcom has a wide network coverage, network quality and rich web and video streaming experience – hence, you can get this on the best network!

celcom roaming rate

For more information, check out Celcom Exec and Celcom Biz.

Thinking back… If I did call back home from France, this would probably be the conversation…

paris eiffel tower

RM6 gone! Bomb! *Poof*

20 thoughts on “Expensive Roaming Rates Get Cheap

  1. Lol…. Your posts are really funny. Btw, try VoIP lor… Free but of course not as clear.good rates there by celcom.

  2. Aiyo.. Celcom roaming charge, 0.98sen per minute is soo expensive leng chai!

    There’s new way of saving our money without need to pay higher roaming charge.. Have you ever heard about Flexiroam? It offers the lowest rate so far.. RM10 perday we can make unlimited phone call or receive.. It uses call forward service where we can keep our number and make call as if we’re in Malaysia.. cheap, no lags and UNLIMITED..

    Hmm.. why not? Maybe you can check it out at Flexiroam website.. just google it out! LOL

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