The Expired Hotlink Prepaid Number

The Expired Hotlink Prepaid Number

[Updated 23 July 2011]Maxis called and confirmed I can get back my number! YAY! So this entry is a bad experience which turned out to be a happy ending.

Firstly, my Nokia E65 KO-ed.

nokia phone

So I was phone-less, and I had to borrow a temporary phone. Didn’t get a new phone because I’m always waiting for the new iPhone version.

To make things worse, my Hotlink Prepaid number was deactivated a week ago. So secondly, I was number-less too.

maxis hotline

Well, if you’re a Hotlink Prepaid user, you’d know that you have 90 days to reload or else it’ll be deactivated by Maxis.

So yeah, that actually happened to me. I procrastinated, waited till the 91st day (so that I have an extra day extension) then only decided to reload. Well, that kiamsiap-ness in me was the root of this unexpected trouble.

My number has been deactivated. My my, what have I got myself into?

petronas twin towers

So immediately over the weekend, I went to the main Maxis Center at KLCC to get it solved, hopefully to get my number back.

maxis klcc

Reached there quite early in the morning. Took my number and waited.

maxis ticket

And waited.

maxis center

The scene was intense in the Maxis Center. Well, that’s just me of course – because I was on a mission to save my number.

Oh, do you know that I’ve been using the same number since 2003! It was my first ever number.

hotlink sim card

Yes, almost 8 years and this Hotlink SIM Card has been my companion since high school. It’s probably the only thing I’m still carrying around since 2003.

I’ve never lost my phone. I’ve never missed a reload, that’s until now…

maxis form

I was summoned to the counter, made up a story that I was at overseas for work and didn’t reload in time. Crap crap crap. My number for 8 years, I’ve been a loyal user. Bla bla bla.

But the dude told me that he can only forward my request to the “number” department to check whether it’s still available or not. If it is, they’ll call me back and I have to convert it to a postpaid.

I was like… Huh? I’ve been using my Hotlink so comfortably but now I have to convert it to postpaid and pay extra charges like billing and 6% Government Tax?

Oh well, as long as I can get back that number, I’m fine with it.

coffee bean breakfast

So I left the Maxis Center, had a late breakfast at Coffee Bean and kept regretting. Why lah this trouble, I should have just reloaded earlier. Even the tasty breakfast set couldn’t cure my sorrow.

Okay, it’s a little out of topic. Let’s continue.

maxis unregistered sim

After a few days, my temporary phone finally displayed “Unregistered SIM” on the screen. Initially people could still call me even it was deactivated, but a few days later – it’s totally terminated. No calls in, no calls out.

Never mind, I kept waiting and hoping for the good news from Maxis. I was pretty confident that I can get back the number because I don’t think anyone would want it since it doesn’t consist of a beautiful string of numbers?

I also tweeted @MaxisListens on Twitter to help me out. But today, I received the dreaded news…

maxis twitter

WHAT? My number is no longer available? I was distraught! o.O

I was simply devastated. The precious number which I’ve been using since 2003 is gone, like forever. Someone else is gonna use it soon and many people have taken that number over the long 8 years.

Actually, I don’t really mind. No problem with changing my number, but the only concern is my blogger name card…

blogger name card

[Updated 23 July 2011]Initially exposed number now censored. Since I’m getting it back, there is no more issue with the name card. :)

Don’t mind revealing my (former) number to the world now, since it’s no longer mine. I have 500 pieces, probably given out only 30+ pieces. So the rest of the 450+ name cards still have my old number!

Honestly, I feel bad to the sponsor of my name card. Now I probably have to ugly-fy it by either writing or concealing by sticking a piece of paper with my new number on it.

*Breath in, breath out* Anyway, since it’s gone for good, I was on another mission – to get a new number from Maxis.

maxis sim card

I had the option of getting another Hotlink Prepaid number, but since I wanted a similar number as my old one, I had to get a Maxis Postpaid.

By selecting the cheapest (spot the kiamsap-ness) Value Plan of RM30 a month, it’s not just flat RM30. I also have to pay extra RM5 for billing and 6% Government Tax.

Furthermore, there is no longer Activ10 (with Postpaid, you must pay extra) and no Hotlink reward points anymore.

blackberry phone

While waiting for the Maxis lady to register my new number, I was actually looking at the BlackBerry plans. If I were to own a BlackBerry, my target would be the famous BlackBerry Bold 9780.

At that moment of time, I was so tempted to get myself a smartphone – maybe a BlackBerry. Thoughts kept running through my mind… should I, should I not?

But I would have to pay more (kiamsap alert!) and it will be another commitment.

blackberry plan

I calculated the extra charges if I purchase the 24-months contract. I even compared the BIS Standard and BIS Entry data plans, figuring out which is more worthy.

But… all I’ve ever wanted is an iPhone! But… how? Maybe I should just take the plunge and reward myself with a BlackBerry since I’ve been a good boy all year long?

You know, even high school and college kids nowadays already own a smartphone. So how can a successful blogger working adult like me still don’t own one? How can??

maxis hotlink sim card

After much thoughts and contemplation, I resisted the temptation and walked off with just a new Maxis Postpaid SIM card. If you’re wondering, only the last 3 digits are different on the new number. :)

You know there is a saying “You can judge a person whether he is a kid or not by their phone plan”? Well if you’re using a prepaid you’re a kid, otherwise you’re a grown man.

So what can I say – am I finally a grown man that I have a postpaid now? Oh well, being proud to be finally a “man”, I penetrated the virgin SIM card into the phone!

maxis sim card in phone

The morale of the story – Better late than never, but there is no harm being early.

P/S: You know what I thought of doing? If my old number is activated and used by the new owner, I thought of giving a call and perhaps to request to redeem it back. What do you think?

P/P/S: But actually, my new number is much nicer than my previous number. Hmm…

[Updated after 12.00am]New Maxis number activated.

maxis activated

I’ll miss you 012-#######.

[Updated 23 July 2011]I GOT MY NUMBER BACK!!! :D

Explanation – it’s because I appealed via 2 methods. 1) Manually at Maxis KLCC. 2) Online on Twitter @MaxisListens. Therefore, both processed my appeal and when MaxisListens checks my number, it’s booked. But actually, it was already booked by Maxis KLCC under my name. So the misinformation happened because there is no update between the 2 parties.

According to the Maxis staff, after a Hotlink number has been deactivated the owner has 7 days to walk-in to a Maxis Center and appeal. And yes, I walked-in within 7 days! So the supposedly “new” number has been deactivated and replaced with my old number.

Yeah, I’m happy it’s all mine (as postpaid though) – again. :)

66 thoughts on “The Expired Hotlink Prepaid Number

  1. I had been in the same situation before, only mine is Celcom. I get to retrieve my number back, twice! So it is a bit surprising that u can’t use the number only after days after it is terminated. Mine was terminated weeks and months before~

  2. RIP 012-####### :( miss call me with your new number bro.

    Anyway maxis sucks coz they gave you hope that you could save the old number. How can you give a man hope, and dash it the next moment. Tsk Tsk.

  3. You can write your personal story in humour style. Great blogger you are.

    But how can late reload the credit can create so much troublesome? Even Digi prepaid if did not reload back more than 7 days, also no problem oo..

  4. It’s my honour if I can get your blogger Name Card, hoho…

    My 012 prepaid also similar, since start working in Singapore, seldom go back, so my 2003-born number RIP this year.

    On the good side, I can update my new no. to M’sia close friends once back for vacation, so can jio everyone out yum cha! lol…

  5. Ouchh! I’ve been using my current number for the past 7 years or so. I can’t imagine how disastrous it would be if I lost it. But I believe you’ll be happy with your new number and get used to it before you know. :-D

  6. bro! this is actually a very nice story! i dont usually read these kind of stories on many other blogs because they tend to be self indulgent but this is really insightful!

  7. It’s their standard reply la. They tarak check for you punya. Same like DIGI. My DG got terminated too. But now DIGI is better than Maxis coz the other day a friend reload her DIGI prepaid RM30, she got and sms said it’s valid till 2013! surprising.

  8. So, what is your new number? Haha! Ya, how can a working adult having no smart phone. I had just recently got myself one after working for 9 years. So go and grab one and join the smart phone group, good luck!

  9. So using prepaid you’re a kid, otherwise you’re a grown man. When you retire and grows old you switch back to kid mode no need postpaid and life goes on in a circle again…hahaha.

  10. I’ve faced the same problem too. I think Hotlink is making this up. How is it possible that within a week of the expiration of the sim card they could manufacture and quickly sell those numbers out to the other customers? Or else, what do they mean with unavailable number?

    It seems to me that they are taking advantage over this bureaucratic shit because now they could earn more money and sell more postpaid numbers. Like you said, we have to pay more, and they will earn more with postpaid plans.

  11. maxis.. i am having the love-hate relationship with them.. hate it when they screw something up and love it when they made up with freebies.. hee..

  12. I can understand ur attachment to the number. I’ve had the same Digi number since 1999. Oh and I liked the way you chronicled the whole saga – lots of drama n humour :)

  13. Guys who keep using stuffs (as long as it still can be used) for a long long time shows he’s kinda loyal, don’t you think? LOL… so you’re loyal! For staying so long with a number…

    But guys with their 10-year old pillow is pretty disgusting XD

  14. luckily u got ur number back. i would hate to lose a number that ive had for so long, what again hv to create a facebook group to tell everyone yr “new number”. good on u for getting it back :) twitter is the way to go.

  15. Hi Ken,

    I am facing the same problem now. First got a call from MAxis and they advised that the number is still available (I need to change to postpaid within 2 weeks). So I went to Maxis Centre to appeal. Waited one day and they called back and said that the number not available??.

    I’m a bit confused now. :(

    1. Hi PS. Did you walk-in within 7 days from the deactivation date? I can’t help much, but you can ask for better explanation from them. All the best!

      1. Ken, I am based abroad and am faced a similar situation. I am put on post paid now which I would much rather not since I hardly use my Msian SIM. How do I switch to another ‘telco prepaid and switch back’?

  16. yeah, trying to solve the same problem. wanna show maxis and others that the customers want to keep their numbers without reloading at least for 1 year before deactivating/terminating the service for that particular number.

  17. can i ask u one question..normally how long will it takes for maxis to reactivate back ur number..after u go to the maxis centre

      1. waaa…thanks for da reply…5 working dayss???took so longg…waaa i just got back from the nearest maxis reactivate back my number..they said they already make a request n now waiting for their call whether the number still available or not..

        hope to get the number back..been using it since years change to another number would be hard coz have to change everything..tac online banking..have to inform frens summore..

        its not like i didnt topup my account…it just that i topup my account using a share/ask for a topup it is consider as invalid..haiyohh..

        btw a very good entry n post..really helpful to others who encounter the same problem..bad maxis!

  18. Idk if you’re still reading this but your post is so damn funny. Tbh I’m facing the same prob now. Forgot to top up now I am waiting for my old number back. But I did something not so clever. I just reset my ipad pro and now it requires my phone number now im screwed. .. they’re promised at least a week so I will have to wait. Thank god I read ur entire post so I guess I’m not going to pandai pandai contact maxis twitter now lol. But I am so worried what if ………..

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