Internet with Instanet

Internet with Instanet

What is life without Internet in the world today? Take myself for example. Work requires me to use the Internet, that’s alright since it’s provided.

But back at home, I need to…

internet on sofa

Use the Internet on the sofa.

internet at home

Use the Internet with the TV on right in front of me.

internet in toilet

While in the toilet while waiting for pooping time.

And even on the bed before I go to sleep.

internet on sofa

Frankly, we’re so attached to the online world. It has been a convenience to stay connected with people on the Internet.

If you don’t own a smartphone with data plan, you definitely have been in the situation where you absolutely need to get online right?

Well now, there is a new prepaid broadband in town! Instanet is the no frills, no hassle, ready to go Internet access. Anyone can get online instantly with an easy registration process.

celcom instanet

You can either get Instanet Prepaid Pack for only RM12.50 or the +USB Modem Pack for RM108. Both included a SIM card and RM10 preloaded credit.

Oh yeah, there is a Special promo price of only RM30 for Instanet Monthly, valid till 15 July 2011.

celcom instanet plan

Pretty affordable right? It works more like a pay-as-you-use broadband! Get it at the Blue Cube outlets or Celcom Authorized Dealers nationwide. Visit for more information.

Know what, since it’s ready to go. I think I can even use the Internet with Instanet while sky diving.

sky diving pro

And possibly, webcam with my mum at the same time!

sky diving internet


27 thoughts on “Internet with Instanet

  1. Yes that’s a very IMPOTENT comment from suituapui must listen to uncle’s advice promptly..probably may get sunny side up or over cooked. muahaha…~;).

  2. Bad boy! Don’t give your mama a heart attack! But then again, she might give you one when you see her skydiving at the same time. LOL!

    I think Digi is having something like this too.

    Third picture – shorts not down, geh.. Retake picture.. Oops!

  3. Lol, why you poop with the shorts on, pls take it off bro! :P

    Nice product introduction, makes me really wana plug in this gadget into my laptop and skydive with it! XD

  4. haiyah Celcom always come out new thing meh . . .

    haha by the way I like the skydiving part. And hope it really works :P Dun use lappy for skydiving, use . . . iPad 2 LOL!

  5. this is my 1st time visiting here. and oh my gosh. u’re so funneh~ HAHAHAHAHA! congrats u’ve just got urself another faithful reader. bahahahahha~ :D

  6. is the celcom instanet works with ipad2 3g? i m seriously looking for a prepaid broadband for my ipad2, just in case when i couldn’t get a wifi spot. any recommendation?

  7. interestting post! btw, im using it, and i also can connect to internet even if i dont subcribe any plan. Am I will received the bill, or just i’m lucky? pls comment..thanks…

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