Kamasustra or Kamasutra

Kamasustra or Kamasutra

One day, I bumped into this attention-grabbing name of a pub, or bistro…

kamasutra pub

Although it’s spelled as Kamasustra (with the extra “s”), it doesn’t undermine the fact that it’s so similar to “Kamasutra” – a work that advice on sexual stuff, especially sex positions. Right?

So as I pulled up along the alley (not to visit the pub) to take photos as they were interesting, I bumped into another attention-grabbing scene…

kamasutra pub back

Well, this should be the back door of the Kamasustra pub. The name and a peculiar looking granny face with white hair.

But if you take a closer look…

kamasutra potical illusion

Hmm… it doesn’t seem right. Wait a minute… Aha! It must be some kind of Kamasutra optical illusion.

Can you find a hidden body of a lady (possibly naked) within the granny’s face? Or is there more than meets the eye?

31 thoughts on “Kamasustra or Kamasutra

  1. LOL! The mind works in strange ways. I suppose this is adapted from a common optical illusion graphic that is frequently used in seminars – the old lady and the gorgeous young lady. This one has more in-between. There must be some literature and art involved in this bistro. Maybe live music?

  2. =.=” I still can’t figure out… The obvious one is only the waterfall.. As for the face part, it seems like a human. As it,someone is hugging someone or covering herself with a cloth? o.O But.. When i kept looking at it, it don’t really look like what I’m imagining.. LOLx~ The forehead makes me think that it’s a human. But I can’t seems to figure out where’s the hand or leg or even body. o.O Then could it really be a human? o.O Or you think too much? =.=”

  3. The lady and the granny pic – we use this so often in the class for our lecturing. Some are able to see others keep wondering, Its more then the eye can see and plenty of imagination.

  4. Like the name Kamasustra, so clever of them to use this name, the way brand names like FCUK use theirs!

    You saw a naked lady inside the granny’s face? I thought I saw more than one naked lady! LOL!!

  5. all these..business gimmick…maybe they purposely spelt “Kamasustra” that day..so that we will notice and want to go in and have a look…Just Like what you did! :)

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