Laser Tag at Laser Warzone, i-City

Laser Tag at Laser Warzone, i-City

I’ve never played any real-life shooting game before, even though I used to be an avid Counter-Strike player back then.

Well, thanks for Laser Warzone at i-City, my childhood dream of grabbing a gun and shooting at people has finally been realized.

laser warzone i-city

Well, not exactly with army guns and bullets – just with laser. Yeah, the awesome Laser Tag! Woohoo!

Take note that I haven’t played the conventional Paint Ball before, so I’m not sure whether it was a good decision or not to play the painless version first.

Anyway, a look at the gaming prices…

laser tag price

A single battle could be affordable, but when compared to an event package where you can get 2 or more battles with freebies included – it’s much worth it. Not bad eh?

Being organized by Laser Warzone, it was a mini tournament for us bloggers! Look at the winner and runners-up trophies and medals…

laser tag prizes

So shimmering, so tempted to win them. I certainly couldn’t wait to kick some ass shoot some laser.

Anyway, before starting the tournament, we were brought into the “warzone” to explore and familiarize with the layout, and also be fascinated by the illuminating artwork on the wall…

alein artwork cool

Sure looks like StarCraft to me. Terran Marine VS Zerg Hydralisk!

More alien artwork…

alien artwork

And more scary alien artworks…

laser tag artwork


Don’t be scared, it’s just me! :P

laser tag suit

Let’s continue, at the armory room there are suits with different blinking colours to indicate the team. Each suit consists of a laser gun, which has an alias (also known as nickname) that allows you to see your own performance on the scoreboard after a game.

After the preparation and “mission” briefing, the tournament started with 4 teams battling to win the ultimate championship!

This is my team, the Sky Optics…

laser tag team

It consists of (from left to right) myself, Yeong Boon, Janice, Isaac and our terminator Kian Fai! Pardon the blur photo, it was due to the smokey environment.

Our first game ensued (too bad no photos during the battle), and this was the scoreline…

laser tag score 1

My team (in blue) won based on the total team score, and I’m positioned at number 3. My alias is “Eagle” by the way – awesome laser shooter right? ;)

By the way, each game lasts only 10 minutes. But with all the running, chasing and moving around, it was quite tiring. So while we rest, the other teams battled it out.

On our second game, the scoreboard showed…

laser tag score 2

Once again, my awesome team (in blue again) narrowly defeated our opponent! “Eagle” is at number 2 this time. Heh! :P

After the points for all 4 teams have been calculated, Sky Optics went on to the final game against Krushers – and it determines which team is first, and which team is second.

Well, unfortunately… my team lost and had to settle for number 2.

laser tag team winner

The winning team, Krushers! Congrats to them, they received the gold trophy and medals. *envy*

As for my team…

laser tag runner up

We got the silver trophy. Good effort nonetheless, great team!

Overall, it was an awesome Laser Tag experience with a bunch of funky bloggers. Good game, the hosts were friendly and we all had great fun!

Oh by the way, Laser Warzone installed CCTVs inside the battle arena as well – specifically for spectators to watch and see the funny actions happening inside.

laser tag screen

But the longer I stare at it, the more it makes me think that it resembles a real RPG video gaming scene. You know, like booby Tomb Raider running about looking for ancient bra or something?

To make you understand what I’m saying, here’s an example…

megaman gameplay 1

Look, Megaman appeared on the video game!

Then an alien monster appeared out of nowhere…

megaman gameplay 2

…and started roaring at Megaman.

To protect himself from dying…

megaman gameplay 3

…Megaman shot awesome laser bolts towards the hideous monster.


megaman gameplay 4

…Megaman defeated the monster and proceed to the next level.

See, I told ya! The CCTV screen looks so much like a video game right? I can even illustrated my imagination for you.

laser tag group

Anyway, a group photo with the participating bloggers at Laser Warzone, i-City. Gotta thank MilkADeal for organizing it as well.

Okay, I’ll end this entry with a syok-sendiri photo of myself – with my awesome silver trophy and medal.

laser tag game

Jealous or not? Don’t play play, or else I laser you… Pew pew pew!

31 thoughts on “Laser Tag at Laser Warzone, i-City

  1. Sweet game, nice friends, awesome bloggers, great venue, what else can we hope for.

    Had so much fun I don’t mind going for another round. Lol!

    nice writeup, and cute illustration of your active imagination Ken! :)

  2. if you get the chance, you might enjoy paintball! tho the pain is much more substantial :P

    good blog u have here, found u by accident on PPS. instant fan :) keep it up

  3. Hey, Congrats for coming up second! Anything with laser makes me a little nervous… but sounds like you had fun – minus the bruises as is common in paintball. Nice artwork though. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yeah.. On the overall group photo,I was the Terminator in Red Long-Sleeve.. Hahahaha.. Gonna go there again someday.. ^_^.v.. eh Ken,here at midvalley also got one.. ^_^.v..

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