MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011

Finally, it was my first time at MTV World Stage.

mtv world stage 2011

I was actually pretty excited when I got the opportunity to attend this eventful concert – getting to see celebrity artists live for the very first time.

But on the other hand…

mtv world stage 2011 rules

Yeah, damn! Photography and any recording of the event are strictly prohibited. It’s printed at the back of the ticket under the Terms & Conditions section.

So how am I suppose to blog bout MTV World Stage if photography is strictly prohibited? Experiencing it is nothing if I can’t share on my blog.

mtv world stage 2011 tickets

Anyway, since I have the X-Zone tickets, I get to be stationed right in front of the stage! Woohoo!

Well honestly, I wanted to smuggle in my compact camera (didn’t bring DSLR because it would be too obvious!) into the concert. I had plans to sneak it in.

But looking at the tight security at the registration entrance, I decided to leave my camera in the car. So sad right?

mtv world stage 2011 registration

At the registration point, there were many confiscated items – such as water bottles and long umbrellas.

Despite not having my camera with me at the entrance, I wasn’t thoroughly checked when I entered via the X-Zone lane. Damn, I should have just kept my camera at the back pocket. Oh well…

mtv world stage 2011 tag

So this is the last good quality photo I have featuring the concert. Be prepared to embrace the not-so-good quality photos taken from the lousy camera on the phone.

Alright, once in the concert vicinity, there were already a massive crowd even though the concert hasn’t started.

mtv world stage 2011 stage

The regular section was really packed, but lucky for me – I get to go into the X-Zone.

Here’s the view of the enthusiastic crowd behind accompanied by lighted tree decorations at i-City Shah Alam.

mtv world stage 2011 crowd

Blur photo, I know. Just a lousy camera on phone, remember? This is perhaps why I should get a high-tech smartphone! :P

Anyway, let’s continue. The crowd were exhilarated from the start. People screaming, singing and dancing to the tune when the first act started.

mtv world stage pop shuvit

First up, it was Pop Shuvit, our very own Malaysian group. They started the show with a bang and loud songs made the crowd go wild! No doubt it was the only act that really gave us the oomph!

When they finished their performance, Beast came next but we waited quite long during the interval. Not sure why – probably the Korean dudes were still putting on their make up.

mtv world stage beast

But once the beastly Korean pop group appeared on stage, the fans went frenzy – especially the ladies! To be honest, I think they have a lot of fans, everyone seem to be cheering so gleefully when they perform. Or perhaps the chicks dig cute Korean guys.

Too bad I don’t appreciate Korean pop though.

mtv world stage neon trees

The 3rd act, definitely my favourite was Neon Trees! An American alternative rock band from Utah, their main vocalist Tyler made the audience sway to his music.

Neon Trees’ hit song Animal was definitely the rockiest song of the night as the crowd enthusiastically sang and jumped along!

mtv world stage 30 seconds to mars

Last but not least, 30 Seconds to Mars. Another rock band, but since I don’t listen to them and don’t wanna get stuck in a jam when everyone leaves together, I decided to leave after their 1st song.

After leaving, it was 30 Minutes to Home. Smooth ride home.

mtv world stage 2011 concert

Overall, MTV World Stage was awesome. Despite not having a great lineup as compared to the previous 2 installments, the atmosphere was absolutely phenomenal and the audience were such great people. The bands actually performed at their best – well, maybe because it’s gonna be broadcasted on MTV channel.

Despite the good points, the intervals between the performances were quite lengthy. Waiting wasn’t fun and it just made us bored – since we had nothing to do but to wait.

mtv world stage 2011 i-city

This photo was taken after I left and was at the car park area. One last shot of MTV World Stage with i-City!

Anyway, freebies given out were a hand fan and a raincoat. Fortunately it was a good weather and we didn’t have to use the raincoat at all.

So yeah, that’s roughly all.

Oh by the way, in my MTV World Stage preview entry, remember I mentioned that a newcomer Malaysian artist might perform an encore? Yes, it’s Ken Wooi and he DID make an appearance right at the end!


mtv world stage ken wooi

Woah, his name shining so brightly on the big screen! Sorry, I couldn’t take a close up photo of him because my camera on phone noob.

Wait a minute, you said “No”? Ken Wooi didn’t perform at the end? I’m sure he did!

It’s either you went back early or you were probably still crazy over Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars lah. But here’s another proof…!

mtv world stage ken wooi face

See his face, so hensem displayed on the screen some more! The chicks went ecstatic over him too, no doubt about that.

Definitely a waste if you missed his awesome performance! ;)

30 thoughts on “MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011

  1. Went for the first one. Never again. Too old liao.

    You should’ve just snucked in the digital cam la – it’s expected. They only don’t want you to record cos they’re recording it for TV. Don’t bring DSLR can already.

    I hated the long set up wait – watch on TV better :P

  2. I don’t think I can ever attend a concert where Korean boybands perform again. The last time I was at a concert where CN Blue and Super Junior perform, the crowd was so noisy I had to cover my ears throughout the concert! Crazy!

  3. i heard 30 seconds to mars are amazing to watch live, the energy they bring is crazy. its sad u left early to avoid the jam, but expected la if you live in KL. :P Wouldn’t want to be stuck in the jam too! did u get free tickets to watch mtv world stage??

  4. LOL! OK, that was absolute superimpose la ken :P awesome concert huh? it shouldn’t be called MTV World Stage, only 4 bands performing hmmm

  5. It was raining last year and the year before, so I never get to keep the poncho. Anyway, digital cameras are actually allowed in :P So nice you get to join this year!

  6. haha great entry! agree the intervals were too long. the high also disappear d…

    but if u left early for home, then wic ken wooi went on stage early to perform? XD

  7. Neon Trees was awesome! LOVE them!!!!
    30 seconds to Mars was damn good too! You should have stay till the last and encore song!!!

  8. wtf ken. didn’t know u were famous. LOL.

    used to work for mtv and honestly they wouldn’t have time to care if u brought in ur cam. just not dslr. get a gd optical zoom lens digicam! or yes… get iphone 4 :D

  9. Eventually, you managed to take photos as well at the concert but some poor quality. Even you are with some high tech phones, the image quality is also not up to the mark. A phone camera can never compare with a truly camera in all aspects, agree?

  10. The intervals are long because there is only one stage and different band uses their own equipment for their own performance therefore the dismantling and assembling of the drums, guitars and microphones takes time. In addition they need to conduct a short sound check to ensure that the equipment is according to their specifications.

  11. I went to MTV Worldstage last Sunday too! OMG it was the best… but I was at the VIP area so I couldn’t see Jared upclose.. so sad :(… but yeahh, it was definitely great to see 30STM perform live!

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