Excessive Devilish Repetitive Lyrics

Excessive Devilish Repetitive Lyrics

Well-known modern songs these days are known for something – they’re catchy, it’s about the deejay, dancing on the dance floor while shaking your booty…

club booty shake

… and most significantly, today’s topic, is the excessive repetitive lyrics.

It’s as though as the song is distorted, a smooth distortion of course. Let me give you a few good examples…

lady gaga poker face

The monster fame Lady Gaga and Poker Face. Tell me what phrase you remember about the song. Definitely only the “P-p-p-poker face” phrase and nothing else.

rihanna love the way you lie

Rihanna with Love The Way You Lie. Yes, nothing else but standing there burning and loving the way you lie. Eminem’s rapping is nothing but noise.

black eyed peas gotta feeling

All-time favourite Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling. It’s only about a good night and feeling – keeps repeating throughout the song.

lady gaga alejandro

Lady Gaga again with Alejandro. Ale-ale-alejandro. Alejandro.

justin bieber baby

Baby by Justin Bieber. Its repetitiveness is so excessive that even 3 year old kids can miraculously sing this song.

And our last victim…

jennifer lopez on the floor

Jennifer Lopez with her latest hit On The Floor. Everything is on the floor, hit your head on the floor. Tear up the floor? I think she has a floor fetish.

Know what, Jennifer used to sing good songs – but now it’s all just following the trend. I’m not sure about the previous Lopez, but I think she’s currently trying too hard to be sexy and seductive.

sexy jennifer lopez

In the photo above, she looks like an human-evolving amphibian which has just landed on the beach. She sucked at being an American Idol judge, IMHO.

Anyway, with all these clubbing-related with excessive repeating lyrics – what have happened to artists and singers who sing melodious music about a decade ago? Boyzone is dead. Spice girls are burnt. Celine Dion is missing on Titanic, maybe. Westlife has no more life.

Even my childhood favourite Backstreet Boys (famous for emo love songs) tried to keep up with the trend with “Don’t Turn Out the Lights”. It’s a collaboration with also falling band, New Kids on the Block, but it’s a still flop. No chicks go crazy over them anymore.

So NKOTBSB (get it?).

lady gaga devil

I once read about the factor behind this rampant repetitive phrases in songs. It’s believed that they seek a career blessing from the devil, or Satan. In return, repeating phrases in the songs are actually chants to worship them. wtf?

Not that I believe it but… what else would explain this phenomenon? Some say it’s easier to get fans addicted because it’s easy to be remembered. Songs from the Black Eyed Peas are the easiest to remember because their vocabulary is limited. Really.

Anyway, when I was a little boy – the songs I was exposed to were pretty much nursery rhymes. Twinkle twinkle little star, Baa Baa black sheep, Jack & Jill went up the hill, Three blind mice – to name some.


punk kid

Even kids nowadays are totally exposed to hardcore punky songs.

Know what, if the kids these days are still listening to the classic nursery rhymes, what do you think would happen…?

humpty dumpty reading

Begin with a fairytale about Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall, while reading a book on Rapping. The traditional ending would be a great fall (the end), but with the modern collaboration…

The Humpty Dumpty song would probably be a rap song with repetitive phrases about the fat egg itself. He’ll never have a great fall because the devil is protecting him.

hempty dumpty rap

Or maybe Humpty will safely jump off the wall and starts humping around. He’s after all HUMPty – I just realized. Hmm… interesting.

lady gaga devil

34 thoughts on “Excessive Devilish Repetitive Lyrics

  1. LOL, U spoke my mind today, however…… u missed Umbrella ..ella.. ella. ellla…. ellla… ehh.. ehhh… .eh…. umbrella.. ella.. .ella… ella…. LALALALALAL AL A LAL !!!!!

  2. yeah nothing we can do about it…but actually there’re still a lot of good music out there…those of that not related to clubbing lol…Bruno is a good piece of example…can still showing off his ass without MTV awards…and btw a lot of “devilish” artists now are rebelling against the “bad” music industry…such as Eminem…=]

  3. hahaha. u cracked my head today. hahaha. though, its true. the quality of songs now are pretty bad and if you notice, most is about making love, womens body. Cliche betul. haha~ =]

  4. thumbs up. a very good tongue in cheek post. and you’re right, my daughter can sing lady gaga’s songs and that dreadful justin bieber’s song. But I think they’re still on the right track, coz i still let them hear nursery rhymes..:P

  5. y no pic of u photohop in? lols….totally agree with the repetition. thats why i look for artist like david choi, the music n MV has so much meaning you get a whole story from 1 song.

  6. lol. funny and interesting as well. haha.very true. jlo just needs to how het butt to seduce, there’s no need to pose like that. haha. i love your post!

  7. hehe.. ur otak kan.. tsk tsk.. u can collaborate with Ethan to write songs. He sing songs such as, “Twinkle twinkle little ants, I have purple underpants!” @_@

  8. I totally agree. The lyrics in songs nowadays are mostly rubbish. Even some of the music is crap. Most of the top 10 songs on the Billboard chart are complete rubbish! But guess what? I still listen to them! OMG! I’m being converted by ….the devil?

  9. But then again Lady Gaga is not known for her lyric-writing skills. They don’t make lyricists like John Lennon anymore. Contemporary artists are taking the easy way out and rap allows that fortunately for this genre but unfortunately for quality of lyrics.

    Anyway, word-repetition is not as bad as repeating the f-word more than 40 times as in Limp Bizkit’s “Hotdog”. Not many can sing that song without flinching.. unless you are all riled up. haha..

  10. J Lo? U mentioned J Lo? Haha!! She’s the most untalented singer in the whole of America! LOL! I can’t stand her On The Floor song – first it was a song taken from another singer – no originality. Second, she didn’t do much with song creatively – nothing improvised. Third, her voice is the same throughout – no changes of tone or anything. As for her being the AI judge, all she did was praised and gushed – she made me miss Simon Cowell!!

  11. there’s so much lyrics to remember for the show, thats why they keep repeating the same words in their song… hehehhe..senang sikit nak ingat…hahahaa

  12. hahaha, very good point and very true also!! guess the singers are more relax now since they don’t have to remember too much lyrics.. heard of that song that sings only 8 times “Barbara Streisand” throughout the entire song??

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