What Happens After Anonymous Killed Facebook

What Happens After Anonymous Killed Facebook

They are anonymous. They are legion. They do not forgive. They do not forget. Expect them.

Yes, claims show that Hackivist group Anonymous vows to “kill Facebook” on November 5, 2011.

facebook anonymous

Avid Facebook users must be devastated to hear such news right? Well, even though the claim may be untrue, it makes me wonder – what would we be doing if Facebook is really obliterated?

Majority of the Internet users use Facebook. It’s an ideal platform to tell your whereabouts, share photos, keep in touch and know new people – all digitally. Despite the convenience, it sort of lack the personal touch.

facebook anonymous attack

So why does Anonymous declare Facebook as its target? Apparently it’s because of the users’ lack of choice in privacy.

Nevertheless, here are 10 things that would happen if Facebook were to be wiped out by the almighty Anonymous.

Before that, yes, Google+ and Twitter are good replacements, but let’s put our attention only on Facebook alright? Let’s begin…


1) If Facebook is the only activity you do on the Internet, you’ll be deranged.

facebook chat

You lose the sense of online direction, unsure of what to do on the Internet, and your emotions are affected because you can’t face that book anymore.

2) You poke your friends, physically.

Actually, physical poking is more fun because you can personally poke and be poked. But don’t poke at the wrong places though.

wrestler poke

The wrestler in blue is an example of someone who is poke-deprived. He hasn’t poked anyone on Facebook for quite some time.

3) You write on the real wall.

writing on wall

Since you can’t type on a virtual wall anymore, you ‘spam’ on your own home wall.

4) Or worse, you’re so used to writing your thoughts instead of saying it out – you use a cardboard to express them.

cardboard message

And subsequently bring along and display it around. Remember the marker pens.

5) If you’re a game addict on Facebook, you resort to non-Facebook platform games to satisfy your gaming addiction.

starcraft 2 gameplay

But you can’t cope because Starcraft 2 is too technological advance when compared to FarmVille.

6) You manually tag names on your hard-copy printed photos.

facebook photo album

So that you can keep track of who is who, even without Facebook.

7) With Facebook gone, Facebook wannabes appear.

1malaysia facebook

Old story, but 1malaysia.com aims to replace Facebook? Awesome shit!

8) Your parents call/visit you more often because they can’t stalk on your personal activities anymore.

stalking dad

They’re just concerned parents, it’s normal.

9) Your friends don’t remember your birthday anymore.

facebook argue

It’s true. We all rely on Facebook notifications to remind us about friends’ birthday, which we’re not bothered to remember at all.

10) You meet people via the traditional method – knowing them physically.

talking to mirror

Know what, Facetoface is better than Facebook.


Alright, 5 November 2011 is just around the corner. So be prepared to embrace a total destruction of Facebook. Its glorious era is coming to an end!

And at the meantime, my new book “Forgetting Facebook for Dummies” has just been published. It’s now on sale at all major bookstores near you!

forgetting facebook for dummies

Buy it from as low as RM9.90. Hurry up! Get it while stocks last, and while Facebook is still alive too.

RIP in advance, Facebook!

41 thoughts on “What Happens After Anonymous Killed Facebook

  1. Yeah, face to face communication.So if got sudden meeting, cannot through FREE facebook chat.Have to use phone credit already. LOL >.< Will try to find that book, I might really need it!

  2. I am only beginning to know more about FB.. never play games nor chat there as yet..just putting up posts and leaving some comments… so..er..if it disappears, I can still survive gua.. but dont take away the wifi.. that is my OXYGEN!!

  3. lol. :) love this. Actually if fb were really to go bye-bye, it might be a better world after all. Of course not the real life poking, write on wall, and physically tagging our photos part. Haha

  4. Without facebook, I really gonna die. Wake up, see facebook. Even before sleep, also facebook. When I travel oversea, I also check my facebook. Almost 24 hours my log in to facebook. Please please anonymous, don’t kill facebook.

  5. WOW! I didnt know this is so addictive, I read your post twice hehe :P

    ya! share photo with your family and friends in real life makes our photo-shop more richer! hehe

  6. wait… 1malaysia.com? ahahaha~ It’s old news dy, and I’m only know it now. How back dated am I? lols~

    Awesome post. You’re making me cough worst due to laughter~ haisy!

  7. where to get that forgetting facebook for dummies? i want! hahaha… well i think now i can live without facebook, not so much on Twitter! XD nice one, again! :)

  8. So true about the friends’ birthdays! I never remember!!! And if few days I didn’t go online, I’ll miss a few friends’ birthdays!!! @.@

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