10 Reasons Why I Dislike Clubbing

10 Reasons Why I Dislike Clubbing

Clubbing, a custom most Malaysians love doing – especially youngsters, is a common thing. To the enthusiasts, it’s about listening to music, dancing and drinking alcohol.

clubbing scene

In most cases, they see it as a way of socializing and knowing people.

Well for me, I’ve been to a club (note: I didn’t say “clubbing”) twice. Yes, just 2 times in my entire life. Personally, I dislike being there and it’s kinda meaningless. I prefer going to pubs than clubs.

So here are 10 reasons why you should leave me out on your clubbing invitation list…


1) Money-wasting.

clubbing money

A visit to the club will definitely cost about RM50 and above. Damn a lot you know? Unless you’re a hot chick and the guys decide to pay for you, it’s cool! But that’s not the case for me – I have no boobies!

Oh yeah, you know that RM50 can buy an average RM5 economy rice for 10 days? Yes, it’s true.

2) Shaking body (dancing, if you prefer) is awkward.

clubbing dance floor

It’s awkward shaking my body on the dance floor. Swaying the body, flexing the arms, nodding the head and taking little steps – not my thing. Even with personal friends around, I still find it awkward.

3) Loud booming music.

deejay disc

Besides being damn loud, deejay mixes of clubbing songs are also not my type of music.

4) Cannot converse.

For me, hanging out should come with conversations. But if I were to hang out at a club, it’s quite impossible to have a nice chat – since the music is booming so loudly.

clubbing shouting

Even if you need to, you have to shout at the person’s ear to be heard.

5) Filled with smoke.

somkey club

Typically, a club is filled with smoke – obviously contributed by smokers. Since the club is normally air-conditioned, the ventilation is bad and the smoke eventually circulates inside the club.

It’s a nuisance for non-smokers like me and my attire will stink.

6) Wild ladies.

Admit it, one of the things guys do when hit the club is to check out the sizzling hot ladies. The wilder they are, the better right?

malaysian clubbing girls

Yes, girls decorate themselves well when they club. They may be fun to know and shake body with too. If a guy is lucky, he might score! But personally, I don’t fancy knowing girls in a club.

7) No luck.

Referring to the point above – guys get lucky during, or even after, clubbing. For me, I’m not comfortable with wild ladies. I suck at getting to know random strangers and even if I try, I’ll be damn unlucky.

clubbing girls

You think these hot girls will hook up with a dude like me? Fat chance!

P/S: Mum, don’t worry – Just saying. I still a good boy.

8) Don’t fancy alcoholic beverages.

absolut bottles

Actually, I don’t mind drinking. In fact, I drink once in a while – but doing it in a club itself is not my cup of liquor. It’s expensive (refer to point #1) and a money sucker. Pretty self-explanatory.

9) Beauty sleep by 12am (or 1am).

sleep dreaming

Clubbing is all about hanging out late at night till 2am or 3am. I’m not a night person and I get sleepy once the clock struck twelve.

10) Old already.

old birthday cake

I think I’m already old for clubbing. Period.


Alright, done with the reasons why I don’t like clubbing. Just not my thing okay – so you guys can go ahead, enjoy and bring the house down. :)

Oh wait, just in case I do end up in a club (or forced to go clubbing) next time, here’s what probably gonna happen…

clubbing in kl 1

I’m at the club, enjoying my cup of drink. With shades and Malaysia shirt thinking they’re cool stuff while clubbing. I stood there.

Then, a hot lady approaches and…

clubbing in kl 2

But it’s awkward to dance with a hot chick.

clubbing in kl 3

So I rejected.

But before I could move away, another sizzling hot babe approaches…

clubbing in kl 4

Her boobs sure look stunning. But…

clubbing in kl 5

Once again, I rejected. I know no shake.

Feeling proud that I resisted the temptation, I think I’m handling it quite well. But…

clubbing in kl 6

The 2 ladies call me names!

clubbing in kl 7

Clubbing FAIL!

malaysian clubbing girls

65 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Dislike Clubbing

  1. I don’t ever go to any club or pub (both not my thing).Thanks for your insight. You tell it in a such a funny way, I laughed so hard which is not helping since it’s past midnight. The pictures that shows ‘just in case I do end up in a club…’ are just too funny!

  2. LOL you have a point, note point about smokes, it also gets into your drink. Higher chance for lung cancer. I’ve been to clubs/pubs a couple of times, I think I’m too old for it already lol.

  3. Oooooo….I loved clubbing when I was young! Those were the best years of my life. Now no more of course, old already. Looks like you’ve aged before your time. Welcome to the club, the old people’s club! LOL!!!

  4. hahaha lol the pics make me laugh so you really dont clubbing?
    true also clubbing is meaningless :P better watch live band and chillax with music not noise.

  5. Neither pub or clubbing, not my type. I feel like when I enter that place, feels like making my life shorter many years.

    I had only enter 2 times when study in UK because it was free and it was my first time enter to club and less than 5 times in Malaysia. Went also just to celebrate friend’s birthday. Or else, I definitely won’t go. Rather spend my money travel around the world.

  6. LOL. I go clubbing free one woh & I’m a guy. haha.
    I used to hate going to clubs because loud sucky music and smoky back in Ipoh.

    But some DJs in KL clubs are quite good and I like the sexual tension I get in there. :P


    Hilarious post bro, keep it up.

    For me #4 is a valid point. I prefer to go to places where I can drink and talk like bars with live music instead of clubs nowadays too.

  8. Don’t like clubbing too! Can’t talk at all and the loud music simply screams noise! Maybe too old? Maybe, but still prefer quiet places with no smoke, no crowds and relaxing music LOL!

  9. Never been to a club (notice: did not use “clubbing” here either xD)–but don’t think it’s my cup ‘o tea either! Stand outside already the music is deafening! And super EXPENSIVE!!!!!! =.=

  10. me not a clubbing kaki too..u r rite, gals decorate themselves and go clubbing and I admit tat, tats y i am lazy..u take some time to decorate I find tat so tiring..LOL
    plus I dont drink..guess I worst than u lo :p

  11. LOL. You’re hilarious. Your reasons are all valid what. But what I noticed at #9, you dreamt of barbie and Neil Patrick Harris??? Are you gay? :P

  12. that girl who asked “handsome, wanna camwhore and shake?”
    no shouldn’t reject her..it’s a sin…lol…at least give her a CHEERS with your ONLY MUG in club.. =p

  13. Hahahahaha good one! I mean, 9 of them. I feel the same about clubs and clubbing (besides #10). And hot chicks won’t be hitting on me coz I’m female (they won’t… right?) =/

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