Ken Wooi Illustrated

Ken Wooi Illustrated

I’ve been an avid reader of a particular comic blog. I personally like the way the comic strips are illustrated, its sense of humour and the things happening around the 5 bros.

Soon after, the illustrator and I exchanged e-mails – and look what he did for me…!

kenwooi illustrated

Yes! That’s me – illustrated! Look like me or not? :P

Oh yeah, I’m already using this drawing as my Twitter profile avatar and many people seem to like it – saying it’s cool.

Well, thank you. But the specific individual that I myself should thank is… Ernest, the illustrator of Bro, don’t like that la, bro.

comic strip

His comic illustrations are mainly about his bros, witty experiences and especially perverted stuff too! :P

Anyway, since I have my own cartoon-ized face now, I think I shall use this drawing every time I put up a photo of myself on

ampang lookout point

That’s me with the Kuala Lumpur cityscape view from the top of Ampang Look Out Point.

mosque jump

Jumping in front of the Putra Mosque at Putrajaya!

driving car

Ken Wooi during the Proton Exora VIP test-drive. Awesome event!

guinness hang out

Hanging out with some pals and Guinness. I really like my handsome cartoon face!

Okay, besides all the common outings, here are some of my rare never seen before photos…

hannah tan boyfriend

Hot Hannah Tan and I. We had a dinner date yo!

xiaxue boyfriend

I’ve met and taken this sweet photo with the blogger queen from Singapore – Xiaxue, who was featured on’s How To Be Famous Female Blogger! She’s like a barbie doll!

Also not forgetting international superstars…

jessica alba boyfriend

Beautiful Jessica Alba and I during the Comic Con at San Diego. She’s super friendly, love her smile!

emma watson boyfriend

Charming and elegant Emma Watson (Hermione in Harry Potter) too! I’m so glad to have the wonderful opportunity to met her. She’s cute. ;)

And last but not least, a personal photo of myself…

perfect abs

My awesome body, you know? Anyone wanna touch my sizzling hot abs? ;)

So yeah, check out brosome Bro, don’t like that la, bro!

40 thoughts on “Ken Wooi Illustrated

  1. WOW ken! this is sudden! i didnt expect this posting about my comic to come so soon! haha thanks so much! so touched by this entry in some way. (definitely NOT in a gay way)

    teach me how to get six packs can? i also want la….

  2. LOL! I went ‘HOMIGOD!’ when I saw your pic with Jessica Alba. Then with Emma Watson. Until that body part, I knew it was all illustrated then. :-D

  3. Aha, this is funny. Lol actually, I was always reading Ernestng comic blog and I was redirected here. Good to see your comic face on different pics. XD

  4. LMAO!! This is cool!! Really looks alike!! Hahahaha… I thought it was you standing beside all the pretties until the photo with Emma Watson, it looks kinda weird. WTF… I kena tipu!! Confirm when it comes to the last picture!! ==”

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