INTI: Where World Stars Are Born

INTI: Where World Stars Are Born

About 2 years back, I was still a student at INTI International University.

inti new logo

Wanted to write about it since I graduated, but then I got carried away with the life after studies. So recently, I paid INTI a visit to run an errand.

My, being back in a place where I spent almost 4 years just gave me great memories.

inti road

I was thinking to myself – damn, why did my university life ended in just a blink of an eye? Back then, I’ve always enjoyed the carefree life – study and play, that’s it.

These moments used to be the best thing that have ever happened when I was a teenager. Life used to revolve around them.

inti event

The vibrant campus life, especially during events, is something I recall when I browse through the photos.

They were exciting, I met fun people, made great friends and life has never been this enjoyable – with exception of examination periods lah.

inti hostel

I miss the hostel – the sorta “jail” looking building where students stay in a small room, having to share a public toilet.

inti hostel room

I miss my hostel room. Yes, this used to by my messy room.

In it, I sleep, study, play games, download stuff, watch movies, had personal time, private sessions and.. uhm.. yeah… you get the point.

The only downside staying within campus is…

no male visitors sign

Each residential blocks are assigned to a single gender and student from the opposite sex aren’t allow to visit each other. Yeah, sucks isn’t it? :P

Anyway, I used to study super hard…

sleep study

Study so hard until I can even absorb notes while I sleep. It’s a very rare ability to acquire, you know?

computer programming

I used to do lots of computer programming, write coding for programs – those that are not even required in my current work.

Sorry dad and mum, I sorta wasted your money! But I’m still in an IT-related industry alright.

inti classroom

Classes were fun, provided that it’s conducted by a fun lecturer. Or else I’d talking with friends or be sleeping at the back of the class. :P

racing arcade

I miss hanging out with my buddies late at night. A trip down to Seremban Jusco to watch a movie or play arcade games.

I miss spending countless times at the mamak just to drink limau ice and eat roti telur. Or even driving to KLIA (it’s very near) just to lepak and see airplanes take off!

inti cyber cafe

I also miss playing in the cyber cafe. It was where I depleted (well kinda) my parents’ money by splashing it on games. Command & Conquer, Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike and Gunbound were some games I used to play… like so frequently!

Other than that, INTI was the place where I learned to swim.

inti swimming pool

Being shy back then, I dare not wear swimming trunks and reveal my body. Scared girls will go crazy for my sizzling abs lah. Hehe. :P

Thanks to friends’ encouragement, I still swim today – as a form of exercise.

inti star

Well, INTI claim that they give birth to world stars. So since I’m a graduate from INTI, am I considered as a world star?

Hmm… not quite there yet. Hopefully one day in the future, where I can be as famous as Justin Bieber.

inti intima

Oh yeah, another thing I miss a lot was being in the student council – INTIMA. With a bunch of dedicated team, we definitely rocked the campus life!

The experiences of organizing events, assisting with various events by student societies and working with people, were just amazing.

Also, we get to have fun and meet new people – especially girls during Orientation for newly enrolled students…

college girls 1

Meet a bunch of cute girls. Say “Hi!” and talk for a bit.

college girls 2

Another group of innocent girls. All smiles.

Just in case you’re thinking – I have no bad intentions or whatsoever okay! I’m a good boy. :)

college girls 3

More happy-go-lucky girls, about to experience the best time of their life in university of freedom.

And more girls…

college boys

OMG… HOW COME THIS PHOTO?! o.O Sorry if you were expecting more photos of cute girls. :/

Anyway, I sure miss the good times I had there.

inti building

Now that I’ve browsed through the photos during my university life, I somehow wish that I could do it all over again.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be a “Double Star” after the 2nd stint with INTI…

inti star porn

I’ll definitely be a star!

Eh wait… why the photo like got something wrong ah?!

27 thoughts on “INTI: Where World Stars Are Born

  1. Yo Man,I can’t stop laughing reading this post.. and yeah,the last pic do have something wrong.. n I see it even before u mentioned it.. LoL.. Eh,miss to play Gunbound again.. Like the simple game so much.. ^_^.v…

  2. where stars are porn all right! Love it baybeh

    Innocent girls? freshies enter uni life being innocent, but when they leave it, they’re like tigers!! :P

  3. Hahahahahaha!!! I love the last pic. You’re good,Ken. Good and cute! Your college looks superb. Drop by one of the government ones and see what kind of shitholes those incompetent people are running…

  4. Hey, Ken! I also miss my college life and I also went back recently. I also plan to blog about my college.. Hahaha..

    By the way, we almost have the same college life – Hostel, yam cha at mamak stall, watching movie. Hahaha.. Really reminds me of my carefree during those good old days.

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