Merdeka Quiz: Are You A True Malaysian?

Merdeka Quiz: Are You A True Malaysian?

What does it take to be a true Malaysian? A famous philosopher once said, “The Malaysian history teaches us to be a true Malaysian.”

So how? Read secondary school History textbooks?

history text book

Not to worry! For the first time on, I present you the “Are You A True Malaysian?” quiz!

This quiz can determine whether you’re a true Malaysian, or just an average Malaysian whom will be required to undergo National Service for 1 year.

malaysia merdeka history

It consists on historical facts and some general knowledge about Malaysia.

Here are the 5 Commandments while answering:
1) Thou shall answer all questions.
2) Thou shall not Google for answers.
3) Thou shall uphold the spirit of 1Malaysia.
4) Thou shall hold a Jalur Gemilang.
5) Thou shall sing Negaraku.

Ready? Get set… start!

So how was the quiz? Was it fun? ;)

Once you got the result, check your score below to find out whether you’re a true Malaysian or not…

*Score & Result*
80-100 – Definitely not a Malaysian. You are a professor from US or UK.
60-79 – Not a Malaysian also. How can you score that well?
40-59 – Just an average Malaysian. You know too much.
0-39 – Congratulations, great score! You’re a True Malaysian! :D

Okay, that’s all for now. If you’re wondering whether your friends are a true Malaysian or not, feel free to share this quiz with them!

malaysia flag jalur gemilang

At the meantime, have fun during this Merdeka Raya festivity! Take care, and stay tuned alright?

Happy 54th Merdeka Day, Malaysia!

43 thoughts on “Merdeka Quiz: Are You A True Malaysian?

  1. I got 70. Answering your question, I got that score bcoz I happen to like reading my History text book (eventhough I slept through most of my History classes) hehe

    Happy Merdeka to u too, Ken :)

  2. I’m not a true Malaysian =( Either that or I’m just really good at Sejarah. which isn’t good either. to be fair though, the last question was pretty impossible to answer.

  3. Professor from US or UK here, I demand my Malaysian citizenship be reinstated.

    By the way, Malaysia has 13 states and 3 Federal Territories but the correct answer in the quiz is “14 States” ?

  4. Aiyaaaa. 70% lar. Not a Malaysian also T.T Sigh.
    Anyways, cool quiz! But unfortunately brought back a lot of horrible memories of history exams >.<

    Happy Merdeka! :D

  5. The correct answer for number of states in Malaysia should be 13, and not 14. Federal territories are not considered as states.

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