Nostalgia Bersama Tersayang Buffet at Saujana Hotel

Nostalgia Bersama Tersayang Buffet at Saujana Hotel

The Ramadhan season is here, in which our Muslim friends fast during daylight hours. Therefore, breaking a fast has never been more unique.

saujana hotel

Quite recently I had the opportunity to “buka puasa” at the Saujana Hotel with a few friends of mine.

saujana restaurant

Combining a few in-house eateries together, Saujana Hotel presents their “Nostalgia Bersama Tersayang” Buffet at a large scale.

Located nearby the swimming pool, the buffet offer over 100 traditional home cooked dishes served in a traditional “village” environment, to reminisce the good old days. An interesting feature to look after right?

Anyway, let’s move on to some of the food shall we?

satay cook

One of the main favourites is none other that the satay. The satay meat is prepared to perfection. When dipped into the satay sauce, the combination tastes really good. The edges of the satay have a little crisp while the meat is tender and juicy.

satay sticks

Another view of the freshly prepared satay. Every time we head for another round, we’ll definitely grab a few sticks onto the plate! Just can’t resist the delicious temptation!

Other than that, they have various local and international food too.

vegetable tempura

A good international example would be the vegetable tempura, obviously a Japanese meal. The texture of the tempura batter is crunchy, and complements well with the softer vegetable.

soft pastry

They also have a particular stall which features buns, putu mayam and some crispy-looking crepes.

malay pastry

Besides that, there are various Malay pastries – all freshly prepared by the chefs. Therefore, it’s still warm and tasty.

yong tau fu

Here’s a huge platter featuring common yong tau fu ingredients such as crab meat, prawn balls and fish meat in chillies.

dim sum

Another famous Chinese delicacy would be the dim sum. If you’re expecting more dim sum variety, you won’t get them. It’s rather limited (I only saw siu mai) – but you shouldn’t expect a dim sum spread at a Ramadhan buffet, should you? :P

chinese noodles

More local Chinese cuisines such as fried kueh kak and noodles.

nyonya baba ingredients

Next up, another big platter with ingredients for Nyonya Baba food. You can have them individually, or if you like – the cooks can instantly prepare a simple dish for you with the ingredients.

soft popiah

Soft popiah are also available. With the guests frequently taking it, I noticed the cook kept making fresh new ones none-stop.

italian pasta

Or if you prefer, you can get simple Italian spaghetti and macaroni. Too bad no sexy hot Italian man cooking the pasta for you. :P

tropical fruits

Besides that, tropical fruits well-decorated for our viewing pleasure. But you can actually take some of the fruits there.

ais kacang

For desserts, there are quite a few selections – but I’ll highlight the ais kacang stall. Getting to choose your own topping is fun, my favourite would be the chendol!

Other than that, you get the usual kuih-muih and cakes.

Alright, for RM94++ per person, the promotion is currently ongoing and will end on the 26th August.

saujana ramadhan buffet

What I love about the buffet spread here at Saujana Hotel is that the food are prepared on the spot by cooks, therefore they are still fresh – unlike certain places where they prepare in bulk and leave them to cold off.

One thing, however, that I don’t fancy about buffets is definitely my small stomach. I can’t eat much. :P

Nostalgia Bersama Tersayang Buffet
Saujana Resort, Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Buffet Promo Period: 1 August – 26 August 2011
GPS Coordinates: 3.1083, 101.5779
Tel: 03-78405502

24 thoughts on “Nostalgia Bersama Tersayang Buffet at Saujana Hotel

  1. Ken, I really hate you when you update your food post in the middle of night. Now I have to go and find foods because my stomach keep on growling by looking at your pic.

    Neh…I’m just kidding.. But my saliva is drooling =P

  2. Expensive. No senior citizen discount? No teeth, cannot eat much…pay 25% enough lor… LOL!!! Nice photos, Ken. Love the one with the satay on the grill.

  3. sate!! currently drooling over the food…hahaha…that popia look so good…..what a waste… go for 6 pack…go for one pack…so can eat more…hehehe

  4. When I first saw the title, I thought something must have gotten into you and you decided to write an entry in Malay. LOL! RM94 for a buffet is quite expensive. It might be good for those who eat a lot. definitely not for me leh. :-D

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