Birthday Presents for July 2011

Birthday Presents for July 2011

This is an overdue entry, I know.

So I had my birthday on the last day of July, on July 31 to be exact, but I like to think that my birthday is celebrated throughout the month. I call it “My July”.

happy birthday cake

Well, there wasn’t a big bang celebration. It was almost another ordinary day, just that hey – I was born on this very day more than 2 decades ago!

Cool, and I’m officially a year older.

Alright, my July this year was something I’ve not quite experienced before. In last year’s birthday, I received funny unexpected presents like…

barbie doll

[Recycled photo from 2010]

Yeah, a barbie doll. If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you’d have known that I have a girlfriend called “Barbie”. Since I’m Ken, you know?

And also, I received a pack of Pierre Balmain Paris underwear.

pierre balmain underwear

[Also recycled photo from 2010]

As much as I like show off my 6-pack on my blog, I’m a shy boy. I prefer to use an image to illustrate how my actual body look. Heh.

Anyway, unlike last year, here are some cooler stuffs that I received throughout this year’s birthmonth…

nuffnang cheque

My July started off with a cheque from Nuffnang in my mailbox. Not unexpected since I know I’ve cashed out, but it’s nice to get something like this on a special month.

Oh yeah, since it’s just a tiny earning and there’s nothing much to show off – I blurred the amount. Quite little only okay?

chelsea malaysia ticket

Next, I got free tickets for the Chelsea vs Malaysia match! But I didn’t go, gave it away because I don’t want to be part of the terrible road traffic with fanatic football fans.

I’m a Manchester United fan (click!), just so you know. ;)

netherlands stage tickets

I also got the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011 tickets for free! It was so awesomely happening, and you know what – it was my first time attending a live concert!

Concert virginity busted?

tgv cinemas voucher

Besides that, I got 4 complimentary movie vouchers thanks to Nuffnang and TGV Cinemas. Nuffnang give these vouchers to Nuffnangers on their birthmonth and I was fortunate enough to receive it!

So, a total of 1 cheque + 8 tickets for 3 different occasions, all within the month of July.

special tickets

How awesome is that?! Yeah I know, Nuffnang has been treating me well. They are the best! :)

Alright, then I thought my July couldn’t have been better, but hey – that’s not all.

As the month reaches towards the end, I got more goodies.

starbucks coupon

Coupons from Starbucks for any beverage. Now the kiamsap me can enjoy Starbucks coffee without paying its expensive price. :P

Then, I got a birthday card from The Gardens Club too.

gardens club birthday

Went to redeem the birthday gift, but it wasn’t cool at all. Uhh… 20% discount off some beauty thingy? Thanks, but it’s so not my stuff.

Okay, on the day itself – things were pretty normal. Had lunch with good friends of mine.

italiannies chicken

Dined at Italiannies and this dish was my so-called by “birthday cake”. Yeah, a special birthday cake with chickens and potato wedges.

And by night, the usual birthday cake.

happy birthday kenwooi

Yay, I’m now 10 years old. *points at the single candle*

It was a blueberry cheesecake, taste good but I think the “Kenwooi” on it could have been written better.

And yes, the highlight of my birthday would definitely be this present…

netherlands knvb jersey

What KNVB? It’s Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond (yeah copy+pasted) in Dutch, also known as the Royal Dutch Football Association in English.

Yes!! It’s a football jersey of Netherlands!

netherlands football jersey

Gotta love the orange outfit. By the way, it was actually bought all the way from Netherlands itself! So cool right? :)

Anyway, was just thinking – your birthday is definitely the only day when your Facebook profile gain so much attention from the friends. Then they’ll ignore you for the rest of the remaining 364 days right? :P

Other than that, I also took the opportunity to ask mum to get me a BlackBerry as a birthday present.

blackberry phone

She didn’t hesitate, and said… “No”. So sad.

Well, that pretty much conclude my July. On whether I had a blast on my birthday or not, I guess it’s impossible – because it’ll require fireworks or dynamites for the KABOOM!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! You guys are awesome! :D

fancy party balloon

Oh yeah, I also got this interesting balloon gift from a friend. Do I look cute with it? :P

36 thoughts on “Birthday Presents for July 2011

  1. “since it’s just a tiny earning and there’s nothing much to show off – I blurred the amount. Quite little only okay?” ehhh~ tipu~ XD

    this year no new barbie doll for Barbie as her BFF? lolz

  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!! This is the best birthday blog I ever read! Happy Belated Bird_Day to you!

  3. WOW! WOW!!! My bf oso wanna get a jersey too! He is a MU fans too. Is ok if u dun have blackberry phone la, u already so many nice treats and voucher!!! :D hehe

  4. Hey, haven’t talk to you in a while. My birthday is on the 1st of July. Hahaa. The birthday thing in facebook is so annoying that I had to changed my birthdate to some other day to avoid that spam. Hahaa. Happy belated birthday though.. lols.

  5. ok.. this may be too late to greet you.. but Belated Happy Birthday! hahahah

    By the way, Other than the vouchers that you got from Nuffnang (of which I’m really really really envious of.. hahaha)

    I wanted to say that I was laughing on the other parts especially on the Facebook attention (of which is true!) and the Blackberry requesting (that was rejected).. a really really really really fun post ken!

    Again Happy Bday :)

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