Exclusive Report: Rosmah and RM73 Million Ring

Exclusive Report: Rosmah and RM73 Million Ring

PUTRAJAYA: The buzz is out that First Lady Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor owns a USD24 million, or after conversion RM73 million (WTF?!), Jacob & Co diamond ring.

Without much hesitation, our reporter from Kenwooi News Network (KNN) managed to have an interview the First Lady to find out how did she manage to purchase a ring with such exorbitant price tag.

rosmah ring

During the quick interview, Datin Rosmah shared her explanations on how she earned, saved so much and enabled herself to make a good purchase.

Listed below are 10 methods she used to achieve her ring goal.


1) Save from young. Sedikit-dikit lama-lama jadi cincin.

rosmah charity

She has been saving since young and up till today, she’s still saving a lot – despite spending a lot at the same time. Every cents count.

2) Marry a future Prime Minister.

najib rosmah queen

Subsequently, be famous around the world and make appearances in various major events. It’s to let everyone know who is the mighty supporting lady behind the Malaysian Prime Minister.

rosmah speech

And with fame, comes more money.

3) Be a helpful and caring wife. While hubby PM handles his country, she handles his money.

najib support manchester united

And at times, she handles the country’s money too. For instance, when Najib was depressed after Barcelona defeated Manchester United in the recent Champions League final, she single-handedly took control of Malaysia’s financial responsibilities.

She claims that she is a naturally gifted accountant.

4) Organize charity events.

rosmah interviewed

Meet the people, join the activities and then claim some of the donated and sponsored money for herself.

She makes money while exercising with the citizens too.

5) Be a singing superstar.

rosmah singing

Apparently, Datin Rosmah released an album in which she earned millions. When asked why it wasn’t released to the public, she said that it was all bought by the ministers – they are huge fans of her singing talent.

6) Endorsement contract deal with one of the top hair-styling companies.

Every time she makes a public appearance with her stunning hairstyle, she gets paid handsomely – or if you prefer, beautifully.

najib razak rosmah

The reason why she doesn’t wear a tudung? It’s because her hairstyle already look like a natural tudung.

According to Datin Rosmah, her hairstyle is a masterpiece. It deserves an exhibition display at Louvre Museum in Paris one day.

7) Make use of the “1Malaysia” copyright and become the main ambassador for all government sectors that use the “1Malaysia” term.

rosmah 1malaysia

The more times “1Malaysia” is used, the richer she gets.

8) Be a blogger, or simply own a website.

rosmah using computer

Having known that Malaysians make good income via blogging, Datin Rosmah also jumped onto the bandwagon and started contributing by writing on the 1malaysia.com.my blog – on behalf of her husband.

She didn’t sign up for renowned blog advertising agencies such as Nuffnang or Advertlets, instead the Government’s own advertising agency is paying her – she didn’t reveal her blog earnings though.

9) Advertise her own products on Facebook network – initial cost paid with the RM1.8 Million Facebook Promotion by Tourism Malaysia.

rosmah on facebook

Facebook is for yuppies and since Malaysians are the most active online users, Datin Rosmah ventured into online fashion. According to her, it’s important that Malaysians take her as a role model for success in life.

10) Again, advertise her own products on 1Malaysia E-mail.

1malaysia email advert

Since it will be used by every single Malaysians, it’s a good platform to market her products and ultimately, to earn more money.


This is the summary report from the exclusive interview with Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor. She advise young Malaysian girls to – “Be inspired by me. Follow my style and you’ll achieve your dream ring!”.

She then ended the interview session by saying…

rosmah bergaya

And we waited…

rosmah legendary

However, we can conclude that the ultimate target is, yes, to marry a future Prime Minister of Malaysia – and the lucky lady will have more ring-gits.

– This news is reported by Kenwooi News Network (KNN).

54 thoughts on “Exclusive Report: Rosmah and RM73 Million Ring

  1. i heard its a hoax… the ring…hehe the most expensive ring The Chopard Blue Diamond Ring are only $16 million dollars… LOL

  2. compare that to the story of a 3 billion pound sterling yacht owned by a Malaysian that turned out to be a hoax… so i think this rm 73 million ring story is a hoax too…

  3. This is freaking hilarious LOL! Seriously her hair can rival Samy Vellu’s man….! All in all a great tribute to Malaysia’s most outrageous first lady to date ;)

  4. My lecturer mentioned about diamond ring and this reminds me of your this entry. I keep on laughing when my lecturer talks about diamond ring but not because of her jokes, because I was thinking what you write in your blog. Hahahaa

  5. “According to Datin Rosmah, her hairstyle is a masterpiece. It deserves an exhibition display at Louvre Museum in Paris one day.”

    This one is ROFL…!!!! hahahahahha… =D
    Nice one bro..!!

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