Mid-Autumn Festival Starbucks Mooncakes

To be honest, I’ve never heard of mooncakes by Starbucks before – that’s until the day I was told that they exists.

starbucks cooffee

The Mid-Autumn Festival, or better known as the Mooncake Festival, is a yearly tradition celebration for the Chinese community. And again this year, Starbucks is providing a brand new level of excitemoon!

starbucks mooncake board

Yes, it’s none other that the Starbucks Mooncakes, that comes with 4 different flavours. Each mooncake features Starbucks’ trademark logo of the twin-tailed siren.

starbucks mooncake

Well, they say that Starbucks has once again produced an interesting blend with twist of fusion Japanese and modern Western mooncakes.

Let’s see what they have, shall we?

starbucks mooncake hazelnut

First up, the Hazelnut Latte Mooncake. Its blend consists of Starbucks very own coffee and chunky hazelnuts. Quite nutty.

starbucks mooncake caramel

Next, the Caramel Macchiato Mooncake. This mooncake gives coffee lovers a delectable savor that they’ll love. Prepared by a mixture of ground coffee with Swedish Caramel and Butterscotch Chips in the middle, it’s indulgence in every bite.

starbucks mooncake green tea

The Green Tea Chocolate Mooncake gives a healthier choice to satisfy your mooncake cravings. With a chocolate filling and an outer layer of Green Tea and lotus paste, this has got to be my favourite Starbucks mooncake!

starbucks mooncake tiramisu full

Last but not least, the Tiramisu Mooncake. Consists of Starbucks coffee and lotus paste plus cheese combined with mung beans in the middle, it’s another selection that everyone would enjoy.

Well, these 4 mooncakes are presented in a traditional Die Cut Cardboard Box, certainly a unique gift for the one who receives it.

starbucks mooncake box

At RM32.80, the Regular Package consists of 2 mooncakes flavours – Caramel Macchiato and Tiramisu. And at RM148.80, the Premium Package comes with all 4 flavours including exclusive Limited Edition Ceramic Starbucks Logo Coasters.

starbucks mooncake premium

It comes with a wooden-looking box that looks almost like a box where traditional Chinese people keep their jewelries. Each mooncake would be specially wrapped too.

If you wanna find out more about the Starbucks Mooncakes, check out the Starbucks Malaysia official website.

starbucks mooncake tiramisu

Overall, the mooncakes are uniquely Starbucks. They taste good, especially when accompanied with a Starbuck beverage. The crust is slightly chewy and tender while the fillings are typically coffee – well, except the Green Tea one.

Oh by the way, craving for mooncake now? Come, let me give you a bite of my favourite Green Tea Chocolate mooncake…

starbucks mooncake green tea wedge

Nom nom nom!

Anyway, a friendly reminder – don’t eat too much mooncake until your face shapes like a moon! ;)

42 Comments for Mid-Autumn Festival Starbucks Mooncakes

  1. *slurps* runs to starbucks to buy tomorrow

  2. Yo Ken,pass me some of em.. ^_^.v..

  3. I love this Starbucks Mooncakes and I bought a lot in year 2006. My mom ever asked to buy almost 10 boxes at KL and brought back to KK because my classmate is Starbucks staff and he has discount for this. My all time favourite will be Green Tea Chocolate mooncake.

  4. so jahat! Picture only… belanja me real one lah! >_<

  5. cool starbucks logo

  6. how does a face shape like a moon? Round? or crescent? :P


  8. Mmmmmm… I really like this post! ah! Okay, must get someone to buy it for me! XD hahahahahahahax!

  9. Looks yummy! Wanna have some!!

  10. I think they came out with these last year. Somehow Starbucks and mooncakes don’t click… Two different worlds.

  11. Wow, everybody’s jumping on the mooncake bandwagon now. I just had mooncake from Resort World (Genting) yesterday, lol. I’ve tried these Starbucks mooncake few years back, not bad, but quite overpriced. I’d really like to try the Caramel Machiatto flavoured one though, because that’s my fave drink in Starbucks. XD

  12. nice meh? :/ everytime I try special flavoured moon cakes, it’s generally not as good as the traditional ones…

  13. i had caramel machiato the other day. =D gift from a friend.lol

  14. it look so good…hehehe

  15. tiramisu mooncake!!!…arrg….can i have this to break my fast this evening…hehehe….so yummmylah!!

  16. I have never tasted mooncakes before. I might as well buy one after this. XD

  17. Interesting idea from Starbucks but I have to say I’m not that big a fan of moon cakes now due to their extremely sweet taste. Perhaps just one small piece for me! :)

  18. hmm..i love coffee mooncakes..they look good

  19. not really nuts about moon cakes though they look good

  20. wawawa!!!
    i wanna try green tea chocolate and tiramisu ones so baddd!!! :d

  21. The Tiramisu mooncake looks yummy. Did you try them all?

  22. Wow… Kopi mooncake from starbucks, I will go and buy!

  23. nice to see Starbucks getting into the mooncake mood.

  24. i love the caramel macchiato:D

  25. wah! looks good them mooncakes! but EXPENSIVE (sei kiam siap lou me)

  26. read abt it before this too. almost forgot that i wanna try it


  28. Wah. Yummy! But the cheese one not my taste =P . The price lagi not my preferred one. =P

  29. Damn! I haven’t eat already got moon face shape.

  30. Caramel macchiato sounds good!
    But all no egg yolk! :P
    Face round like moon..lol

  31. I didn’t eat much but my face still like moon >.<

  32. Looks delicious! But I really prefer snowskin mooncakes! But anyway will not buy any mooncakes this year cos they are not worth my hard earned money! : )

  33. I like the Starbucks logo on these mooncakes! I don’t think I will eat the mooncakes – will just keep till they rot haha!

  34. never taste it before. :)

  35. i always like their refined packaging, looks posh right??

  36. Looks really nice and tempting…

  37. going to have a big feast on mooncakes with my family!!!! we are hardcore consumer!hehe

  38. Honestly speaking, I never heard of Starbucks selling mooncake either. Wow…

  39. Mooncake on starbuck?

  40. while reading… i can feel the taste…….. on my taste buds……….

  41. nice name for mooncake, i mean in chinese ^^

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