Ipoh Dim Sum: Qi Yuan Chuan Kwong Restaurant

Ipoh Dim Sum: Qi Yuan Chuan Kwong Restaurant

Ipoh is famous for its dim sum. When it comes to food in Ipoh, having dim sum is commonly on the must-eat list.

You have heard of famous dim sum restaurants such as Foh San and others nearby. Those are the restaurants where the crowd normally visit to satisfy their dim sum craving.

Well, there is another dim sum restaurant located not far away – at Greentown. It’s Qi Yuan Chuan Kwong Restaurant. Despite the stiff competition, this restaurant has turned to be a favourite for the local.

qi yuan chuan kwong dim sum

Quite unknown to many, this comparatively new dim sum place is a good alternative. So one fine morning, we decided to drop by for dim sum breakfast…

ipoh dim sum siew mai

First up, Steamed Siew Mai with Crab Roe. Tastes the usual.

ipoh dim sum bbq baked bun

Next, Baked Bun with Barbeque Meat. Almost similar to its Steamed Bun sibling, having it baked gives is a pastry-like texture. Best to eat it while the filling is still warm.

ipoh dim sum deep fried beancurd

Pan-Fried Beancurd Skin with Prawns. This is my favourite, no doubt. Having it with mayonnaise is just wonderful. Crispy and delicious.

ipoh dim sum deep fried spring roll

Then we had Deep-Fried Spring Roll with Chicken. It’s packed with chicken mince and the spring roll wrappers are fried to flaky perfection.

ipoh dim sum egg tart

This is a top favourite – the Mini Village Egg Tarts. Despite being small, its crusty outer pastry with delicate egg custard filling are baked well.

ipoh dim sum custard bun

Next is the Mini Egg Custard Bun. Another top choice, many love its creamy custard cream filling. It oozes out once bitten into.

ipoh dim sum prawn dumpling

Fresh Prawns Dumpling with Celery. Known as har gaw in Chinese, each of these plump dim sum has a generously sized prawn stuffed inside.

ipoh dim sum deep fried pancake

After that, Deep-Fried Pancake with Crispy Floss. (Not sure why it’s a “pancake” instead of a “bun”) Anyway, it tastes nice especially with the crispy floss filling.

Other than the 8 menu-listed dim sums ordered above, the boss informed us that they were serving 2 unlisted “special” dim sums that morning. Since they’re worth a try, we ordered both…

ipoh dim sum meat ball chicken floss

The first special dim sum was the Meat Ball with Chicken Floss. Doesn’t look like a typical dim sum dish, but it’s quite unique. Tastes alright.

ipoh dim sum mouse tail

The second was the Szechuan Deep-Fried Mouse Tail Bun. The name is derived from its appearance – a mouse’s backside, without a long tail of course. It’s meaty inside and the crust is well done.

Overall, the dim sums served here are good. Its price ranges from RM3.30 to RM5.00. Had an enjoyable breakfast and personally, I think the service is much better than Foh San – well of course, it’s a smaller restaurant. But in terms of the variety, Foh San still prevails.

Alright that’s it, now let me drool over my economy-rice styled dim sum platter…

ipoh dim sum platter

Imagining myself having this plate now! *salivate*

Anyway, if you fancy having Ipoh dim sum, perhaps you could give Qi Yuan Chuan Kwong a try! :)

Qi Yuan Chuan Kwong Restaurant
74, Persiaran Greentown 2,
Greentown Business Centre,
30450 Ipoh, Perak
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 0700-1300, Sat-Sun 0700-1430, Wed closed
GPS Coordinates: 4.5988, 101.0961
Tel: 05-2533551

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