Sex Sells on Elianto Advert Poster

Sex Sells on Elianto Advert Poster

Saw an Elianto advertisement poster recently. It features an almost perfect facial complexion of a beautiful young lady. Seems fine at first.

But as I look longer, the innocent me realized something intriguing. Something… curvy…

elianto poster advert

Wow. Well that, my friend, is a beautiful “happy valley”. The pretty face is nothing compared to that!

Anyway, on a serious note: Why the prominent feature of boobs (with such an alluring angle) on what seem to be a body care advertisement? Sex sells technique right?

Oh wait, in my defense – it stared at me first. I’m just an innocent bystander! :(

25 thoughts on “Sex Sells on Elianto Advert Poster

  1. It’s quite natural for guys to get intrigued by the happy valley, sometimes girls will too, but with different intention lar…;D

  2. Hahahah! good point here!
    Anyway, I think for ladies, they want their body to be a like that… I mean the skin and so…

    But to men, I think,… they want their Gfs to have such look… and for that… they will suggest their gfs to buy the products…hahahahaha

    sales trick! :P

  3. Here they show the happy valley and all guys zoom in. If an ad were to show a guy’s cheek butt guess what will happen?

    Correct! Girls run helter skelter! It shows that you guys are perverts :P haha..

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