Relaxing Hotel Stay at Holiday Inn Melaka

Relaxing Hotel Stay at Holiday Inn Melaka

A 2-days trip to Malacca wouldn’t be complete without a night stay at a hotel. For us, our stay was at Holiday Inn Melaka…

holiday inn melaka card

Despite the super late check-in time (6pm instead of the promised 2pm, probably due to the public holiday), the stay here was great.

The hotel has a beautiful blue swimming pool…

hotel swimming pool

But I didn’t go for a swim, partly because I don’t have a swimming trunk, and mainly because we are out in Malacca city most of the time, exploring places of attractions and Malacca food.

Anyway, our hotel rooms were facing the sea – the Strait of Malacca to be exact.

malacca the jetty

From the hotel room, we were able to see The Jetty. It’s not a real jetty, it’s a hang out place during the night. Further into the distance, that island should be the Malacca Island.

Alright, let’s move into the room. For about RM255 (tax added) for a government servant rate, this is what the room looks like…

holiday inn hotel room

As expected, it’s the typical hotel room layout. Lighted with yellow lamps, it kinda discharge a sense of comfort and coziness.

I like the carpet design. Uneven spots all over the floor makes the room more appealing.

hotel bed

I personally love hotel beds, especially if they’re as comfortable-looking as the one in the photo. Simply soft and bouncy, just the way a cozy mattress should be.

Feels so good, especially with the thick duvet in the cold air-conditioned hotel room. :)

hotel bedside table

On the bedside table, there are stuffs like memos + pen, a telephone and a radio speaker integrated with an iPod dock.

You can definitely liven the quiet room up with some sexy soothing music.

hotel tv

As usual, a mirror for self-grooming. Bet the ladies look at it more often than the guys. Also, a flat-screen TV just beside it.

The TV has local channels and limited Astro channels such as CNN and Star Movies.

hotel lazy chair

At one corner, there is a lazy chair with a small coffee table with transparent glass.

Next, the mini bar…

hotel mini bar

Equipped only with glasses, 2 water bottles, some tea sachets and a kettle, this mini bar definitely isn’t the best-looking one around.

Furthermore, the mini refrigerator is…

hotel fridge

Totally empty! Normally there would be canned & bottle drinks right?

I’m not sure if the room service forgot to replenish it or what, but there is a notice stating that additional amenities are available at cost. Dial for assistance.

Moving on, the hotel bathroom.

hotel bathroom

Typical bathroom with a bathtub and shower spray. If you like a bubble bath, use the tub. If you prefer a shower spray, you gotta use (meaning stand in) the tub as well.

hotel toilet bowl

Nothing fancy with the toilet bowl. A spray just beside for those who love splashing the ass wet after a big business. Otherwise, there are 2 rolls of tissues for those who prefer the dry method.

It doesn’t have a separator between the bathtub and the toilet bowl, therefore 2 people cannot use the bathroom for different businesses simultaneously.

hotel body care

For toiletries, body care such as hair shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion and bar soap are provided. They even provide disposable toothbrush that comes with a mini toothpaste tube.

The toothbrush is a +1, perfect for people who always forget to bring toothbrush – like me.

After washing up, it was time to use the computer… (yeah, unlike the toothbrush, I’ll never forget to bring my laptop) Hehe. ;)

hotel internet

High speed internet access is provided, but only free for 2 hours. Even though it’s limited (and I don’t wanna get overcharged), I have no complains. It’s definitely way better than the Internet Service at Hotel Istana Bukit Bintang.

Why? Coz 2 hours free Internet is better than Hotel Istana’s RM15 per hour charge.

Next stop, the closet…

hotel amenities

Inside the closet, there are amenities like a safe box, an iron and its ironing pad. Perfect for business personnel or people who just like to iron clothes for fun.

There are also bathrobes for the customers…

hotel bathrobe

If there is a hot chick in my room wearing the bathrobe, only the bathrobe, wow… sure damn seductive and sexy hor?

Oh crap, Ken. Stop imagining!

Anyway, I took a closer look and read the tag…

hotel comfort

It says Holiday Inn hope that the bathrobe will make my stay even more comfortable. Cool… but I’m not buying one though – damn expensive for sure.

So, since staying in the hotel is the only chance I could feel comfortable with a bathrobe, I took the chances. I stripped all my clothing and wore the bathrobe. Only the bathrobe.

To me, it’s not just a bathrobe, it’s a night shirt…

wearing bathrobe

No need to wear anything underneath, feeling sexy, no elastic waistband leaving teeth marks around my belly and that very night, when I go to sleep, it’s the freest and most wonderful feeling in the world.

I feel, like I’m flying. So that’s how I went to bed. Happy, weightless with a heart full of joy! Zzzz…

22 thoughts on “Relaxing Hotel Stay at Holiday Inn Melaka

  1. Ya, how much? How many of you in a room? Wink! Wink! Holiday Inn, of course nice lah… Used to stay in the one in Kuching. I love hotels too – nice ones – so comfortable, just stay in, laze around and do nothing…

  2. Very nice, bro.

    Usually higher end (guess Holiday Inn qualifies here, but not in the US) hotels don’t provide Internet access for free – it’s chargeable, usually around RM 50 per day?

    Good to see Holiday Inn bucking the trend with free 2 hours. :)

  3. huhu, RM15 p/h for internet is damn expensive. at least u get two hours free, which isn’t too bad. summore if u have a smartphone with 3g, just make ur phone a wifi transmitter and connect to that. save u alot of $$$!

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