Ipoh Food: Nam Heong Coffee Shop

Ipoh Food: Nam Heong Coffee Shop

Ipoh food is possibly the most talked about food topic. Being known for its bean sprout (taugeh) chicken, dim sum and salted chicken, very few would deny that Ipoh is a food paradise.

Despite being born and raised in Ipoh, I must admit that I’m not a big fan of the food in Ipoh. For example, I find that the bean sprout chicken is overrated. Whenever I’m in Ipoh, I don’t go on an eating spree.

But wait… there’s this one place that I love to go to for lunch. It’s my most favourite eatery and it’s none other than Nam Heong Coffee Shop, which is located at the heart of Ipoh Old Town…

nam heong ipoh

Even though they’re already famous for being the true origin of the well-known Old Town White Coffee restaurant chain in Malaysia, this humble outlet still stands strong and is obviously not showing any sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Since it’s only a single shop lot, the tables and seats are limited. Therefore, it can be really crowded at times. But it doesn’t take long before you get a table and start feasting on the local “street” food.

The selection of food here is limited, it’s not a food court. They have Chinese pastries, some dim sum and a few food stalls. Nevertheless, I found my love on these few dishes…

ipoh char kuey teow

Very common, but the char kuey teow (stir-fried ricecake strips) here is good. Look at the generous amount of prawns and bean sprouts. However, the portion could be small for char kuey teow lovers.

You know, most of the char kuey teow I had elsewhere are either plain black or just tasteless. But this one in Ipoh deserves my recommendation.

ipoh chee cheong fun

Another favourite would be the chee cheong fun with sweet red sauce. Also known as the rice noodle rolls (which have been chopped into segmented pieces), it’s a fairly ordinary dish.

But what I love about it is its simplicity. Just mix with the sweet sauce (or if you prefer, with mushroom gravy) and sprinkle some sesame seeds, it’s ready to be eaten. Simply delightful.

ipoh hakka mee

My most preferred dish at Nam Heong is the dry Hakka Mee. I’ll order this every time I drop by. The noodles are springy and chewy, topped with mince meat and spring onions – it’s also a simple dish, but I love having it.

Just take a closer look…

ipoh hakka noodles

Oh my, I’m so tempted to drive back to Ipoh right this moment just to savour this wonderful Ipoh Hakka Mee!

Besides that, my typical meal at Nam Heong is accompanied by some crunchy deep-fried… stuff.

deep fried yong tau foo

In Cantonese, I call them “liu” but in English, they’re called fried fritters. If you’d like to have a wider range of fried fritters, check out Pasir Pinji Big Tree Foot!

Anyway, I personally love munching on them and hearing the cracking sound. Sinfully addictive. I can actually buy a big pack of those and just munch away for hours. Nom nom nom. :)

Other than that, a visit to Nam Heong is never complete without drinking its famous white coffee, the ultimate origin of Ipoh White Coffee. Some would recommend to have it hot, but I prefer cold…

ipoh white coffee

A perfect glass of chilling white coffee on a hot day in Ipoh. Flavorful and aromatic, that’s the 2 words I’d describe it.

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Kedai Makanan Nam Heong
Jalan Bijeh Timah, Ipoh Perak
GPS Coordinates: 4.5931, 101.0771

17 thoughts on “Ipoh Food: Nam Heong Coffee Shop

  1. Love these types of food…look absolutely yummy! Drool!!! The hakka mee should be the same as Kuching kolo mee – lots of Hakka in Kuching originally… Hope to try that some day to confirm whether it’s the same or not.

  2. Yes…this is one of the best in Ipoh and that’s where old town white coffee started. It’s always crowded whenever I’m there ! I love the fried noodles with Liao ( yong tau foo) the most!

  3. I was in Ipoh a fortnight ago and fell in love with its food. I visited nam heong and tasted the hakka mee, chee cheong fun and of course as a passionate coffee lover, the IWC……just LOVe it!!!

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