10 Reasons Why I No Smartphone

10 Reasons Why I No Smartphone

Let’s face it – Technology has dramatically revolutionize the world ever since I was brought to Earth over 2 decades ago.

iphone 4 dismantled

Back in 2000, you’re considered fortunate if you own a Desktop with Internet. Fast forward 10 years, you’re a lucky bastard if you own every single latest gadgets in town. iPhone, iPad, iMac, iRich, whatever you name it. iJealous.

Recently, a quick conversation I had inspired me to write this – Why don’t I get a smartphone? It’s the trend now!

Well, for the uninitiated, yours truly has never ever own a smartphone in his entire life…

motorola blue phone

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m smartphone-less. Not even a tablet, which I’m sure majority of you reading this already own. You guys are so lucky.

But frankly, deep down my beating heart, I always yearn to own one – perhaps an iPhone or a BlackBerry. If any Tom, Dick and Harry can own one, why can’t I?

Even any Jane, Mary and Yolanda own smartphones nowadays.

It’s not because I can’t afford one, not because I think they are overrated and definitely not because I’m outdated. The problem is, I don’t see the need of having one. I resist the temptation.

iphone vs normal food

To me, owning a smartphone is definitely a “want” more than a “need”. If you can make calls and send text messages, that’s certainly all you need.

After giving it a good thought, I’m now prepared to list down the reasons why I don’t own a smartphone. Here are 10 reasons why…


1) Internet at home and at work.

streamyx broadband modem

Having a smartphone (obviously with data plan, and extra charges) allows you to access the Internet anywhere anytime. It has great portability and is convenient to go online with one small gadget.

But I already have Internet access at home and at my workplace. I can Facebook and Twitter on my laptop instead.

2) Been living without a smartphone.

telekom telephone

Yes, as stated earlier, I’ve been without a smartphone throughout my entire life. If I can survive up till today, I see no reason why I can continue doing so.

Those were the days we use the landline telephone to make casual calls. Nostalgic.

3) Unnecessary to online on-the-go, only with free wifi.

free wifi sign

Despite the urge to go on the Internet whenever I spot a “Free Wifi” sign, it’s not a must-do thing. I can live offline for a bit.

4) Tweet via SMS.

gladlycast website

Twitter is an innovative start up, with just 140 characters you can share anything easily. With a smartphone, you have all its functions. But since I’m using GladlyCast, I can tweet via SMS – can’t check @mentions, @replies and DMs though. Nevertheless, that’s sufficient for me.

5) Unnecessary to share photos and videos on-the-go.

Certain people love to share every single thing about their life’s happenings. Even the unnecessary ones. They share photos, videos via social networking sites almost anytime and anywhere.

twitpic shit

Well since there’s nothing much to shout about my personal life, I don’t see it as a need to frequently share stuff on-the-go. But it’ll be a cool for a famous blogger like me.

6) Unnecessary to check-in at places I’m at.

I visit, I do stuff, I leave. If I check-in and expose my exact location, I’ll get kidnapped.

boobieland foursquare boobs

Or… it’s just so inappropriate to share it.

7) Expensive and a monthly commitment.

maxis blackberry plan

Honestly, I seldom make long calls and SMS often – in fact, I don’t even spend over RM30 a month! If I were to subscribe for a data plan, my monthly phone bills could shoot over RM100 – that’s 3x the usual.

[Kiamsap Mode] If I take the plunge, it’ll be RM1200 on phone bills a year, instead of cheap RM360. I can literally save RM800+ a year. So much savings you know! [/Kiamsap Mode]

8) Too precious and must be properly taken care.

iphone orange case

Taking care of a smartphone is costly. Screen protectors and phone cases don’t come cheap. Also, it’s a target for snatch thieves. “Once gone, you have to buy everything, again.” – Quote by Ken Wooi.

Hence, I don’t have to worry much since mine’s a lousy cheap phone.

9) Telco companies not generous enough.

maxis hotlink

They don’t sponsor a famous blogger someone like me. I would gladly be a telco company ambassador. You know, I’ve been a loyal Maxis user for 8 years already. So loyal, should get rewarded or something right?

But… dream on, Ken.

10) I’m the special one.

I don’t need a smartphone like everyone else and that makes me the special one. I’m like the Mourinho of the smartphone world.

scolding mourinho

I don’t like to talk about smartphones, the more I talk about it, the more expensive they get.


So yeah, despite my strong interest (I don’t deny it) of owning a smartphone one day – I have every reason to say “No” and stay loyal to my dumbphone.


chinese dad iphone

Err… but… dad, I just wrote and published a blog post about me not owning a smartphone.

And, I shall keep my word…

angry nuuu

Yes, no! No!

I don’t need a smartphone, I’m already smart after all. #indenial

51 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I No Smartphone

  1. me to was skeptical at first because what i really need my phone to be a gadget to call and text.

    But now having own a smartphone(without dataplan) i find it a little distracting. But in a good way. now when i’m bored i can play all sort of new android games, and if there is wifi, i can stream on it on the go. Definitely a time killer.

    but not always gonna work on everyone eyh?

  2. I don’t need smartphone coz All I do is just playing game.. So,those smart phone will make me unsmart when the battery will finish in just about 3 hours.. crap!! Ho ho ho..

  3. Well, a smart-phone… is fun because it is …stupid.

    Its the whole idea of customising the stupid phone into a phone you call yours, that makes buying a smart-phone worth it.

    Millions of people bought their androids, apples, just to install applications. Its the main catch anyways. But the true fact is our manipulative nature, and a rush for convenience.

    One stupid phone that you can carve into almost anything you want. On top of that, you can make it very convenient to do almost anything… Why not?

    The price isnt that high anyways…In fact, a basic “smartphone” … take galaxy ace for example, only cost about 300 sgd…=)

  4. i more thing to add, smart phone is damn complicated for dummy like me. my friend accidentally splashed water to my phones. one is my smart phone n another one is my old dumb phone.

    well, of course my smart phone can’t switch on n the old dumb phone was safe n sound.

    coz it’s smart phone, i can’t even remove the cover on my own. shit!

    atlast, thx to my old dumb phone coz still functioning.

  5. Definitely worth it. This is temptation just throwing itself at you, putting itself out there and begging you to take him in like a man who broke up with a girlfriend and realise that it was the worst mistake in his life. Don’t deny the sorry little thing it is, just make it happy and both your lives will only get better!

  6. sometimes when I think aboout it, especially about the bills and charges.. it burden me huhu. i know i could save a lot in there. grrrr! to me, owning a handphone is just only for texting, calling and taking photos. That’s all. If I don’t have twitter or facebook also it’s just a OK. I still can live without internet haha.. for a day i guess :P

  7. Wow bro..If really your kiamsap-ness gets u the iPhone 5, iJealous..Very..haha..And you created a new tag, !lol..Was wondering why u used “[” instead of “<",then realised it would never be allowed by the publisher.

  8. Everyone has their own needs. For me, I used iPhone as my GPS, gaming, surfing webs, notes taking, trip planning and personal finance management. I can’t live without internet and computer :D

  9. hahah great post mate. I was just talking to some of my staff members who spotted me with not one, but two smartphones in hand! not that I want to but the office requires me to carry one on top of my personal one. Oh the woe…

  10. I have the same reason as you.. The reason of not getting any smart phones.. LOLx~ It’s not because I don’t afford.. but.. think of it as not worth it.. I can access to the internet during my working hours and my leisure time at home.. the time travelling to work and back home, only took me 10 to 20mins.. Guess, trying to kill the time by using smart phones doesn’t really worth it at all.. lolx~

  11. Your first line should be “dramatically revolutionized” instead of ‘dramatically revolutionize”, if I’m not wrong. Right, they’re costly and you don’t want to lose them, so that’s why I don’t even have a phone. :)

  12. hahaha…same here for me. Unnecassary to “check-in” everyhwre. Wanna go toilet also will be shown. Then there be tweet asking how is the toilet in XXXplace? Clean ka? Biz ‘smooth” ka? Haiya…manyak susah. Hefty monthly commitment some more.

  13. I believe, smartphone is a very useful “productivity” tool you can own. Nowadays, they are tonnes of apps that you can download to assist you – finance, notes, etc. But, it all depends on how people perceive whether there’s value of owning one.

    I bet you’ll get one someday, when your current phones reached its “time”. Get a smartphone running on android platform. ;-)

  14. yups smartphones are not a-must. i had the same mindset until i bought a blackberry because my work requires me to do so. feature phone users like you gives business to my industry =)

  15. If really do all the stuffs using smartphone then should get one, but I see a lot of people buy iPhone or android or other smartphone just to make phone call. Some even worst, cannot use SMS but own a iPhone4. *Faint*

  16. Now that I own an iPhone 4, I don’t think I can live w/o a smartphone. I agree it’s costly to own one. In S’pore, the repair cost for a cracked screen is at least S$300!! It’s crazy!

  17. smartphone…it’s so addictive that it makes ppl bankrupt…LOL once you tried it, cannot stop wan…then will post top 10 reason why you love ur smartphone…haha

  18. Yes, I am still using my Motorola E398 which is 8 years old now past down from my brother… I have the exact reasons as you too for not owning a smartphone despite strong interest =)

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