Shattered Glass for Monday Blues

Shattered Glass for Monday Blues

I’ve never experienced how Monday Blues felt like until this recent Monday, 26 September 2011 to be exact. Monday came, I drove to work and reached the car park – as usual.

But I heard a “knock” while winding up my window after retrieving the parking ticket. So I pressed the “down” button again and to my horror… the driver’s seat window glass got loose and was slightly rotated as it winds down. I knew I couldn’t just park and head to the office – the window couldn’t close anymore!

Oh by the way, don’t ask me for pictures. Since it was an emergency – I immediately reacted to the incident instead of swiping out my phone to take photos. True story.

So… after calling my parents (yeah, I’m still parents’ boy), I went straight to the Toyota Service Center at Section 19, Petaling Jaya.

toyota logo red

Got there with the window glass dangling loosely, some nuts or bolts must have gotten loose – I suspect.

My last visit here was 6 months ago, the last service appointment. This time, no appointment made and thankfully, they entertained my issue on the spot.

toyota service reception

The service advisor who handles my car attended to me in a while. I explained the problem and he checked right away.

After a few minutes, he said the window regulator (a mechanism that controls the up and down motions of the side window) has worn out and it needs to be replaced. Great, seemed like problem rectified.

But… I’ll need to wait till 2pm for the spare part to arrive to the service center. Great, I eventually took an Emergency Leave for the day. Oh well, since I’m helpless, I waited…

toyota waiting area

I spent the whole morning at the customer waiting area, drinking free-flow Milo and munching on Luxury biscuits. Both complimentary.

It was a workday, so I did some work with my laptop as well.

Luckily I brought along my Maxis Broadband USB Modem, or else I’ll be bored to death!

toyota service workshop

Fast forward 7 hours, at 4pm (I was there since 9am in the morning), the service advisor approached me and said that everything is done.

But… there is a problem.

toyota parking area

He told me that the window glass cracked, and naive me thought it’s just a tiny crack. So I asked why is it a problem?

Instead of explaining, he brought me to my car to see it for myself.

And I was greeted with…

car window shattered

Wah!! What in the world happened? That is NOT something I expected.

Did someone smash the window, in the Toyota Service Center premises itself? Did someone try to steal my car? Or was it accidentally smashed? I was clueless, the Toyota personnel was clueless as well.

Or… was it because I left my Proton bag in my car…?

proton bag

Did the Toyota people get mad after seeing a Proton stuff within their premises, so they smashed the window to question my loyalty? Possible?

Nah, that’s absurd.

Anyway, since it was already late and they couldn’t fix it on the day itself, they gave me a temporary car…

toyota avanza with key

An Avanza. I thought it’s cool, you know, getting to drive another car for a day. But when I received the car, gosh, the condition is quite crappy.

It’s like driving a not well-maintained car.

car petrol tank empty

Also, the petrol tank was almost empty. Since I gotta use it for a day, I reluctantly pumped RM5 worth of RON 95 petrol – hoping that I could last until my car is ready the next day.

Frankly, I was quite upset. First, the problematic window. Fine. Then, the window glass mysteriously got shattered. No idea what happened.

Wah, this Monday damn suay (unlucky) lah. Furthermore this is the first time I had to separate with my beloved car. I was worried – wondering how’s my poor car doing at the workshop, with a shattered glass.

I hope she’s not bullied by Camries and Priuses.

morning drive

Anyway, the next morning. I took the Avanza to work, as usual. Nothing went wrong and the petrol seemed enough, for that moment.

toyota avanza

Parked, and went to work. At about 430pm, I intentionally disappeared from work earlier (shhh.. don’t tell my boss) to collect my car.

Reached the service center and finally get to see my baby again…

car window new

With a brand new window glass, I’m in love all over again. The service advisor threw in a complimentary car wash too. Great.

Oh by the way, the replacement window glass costs about RM70. But since mine got shattered within the premises, it’s compensated by Toyota.

toyota service receipt

So how much did the repair and maintenance cost of a single window?

The window regulator costs RM389.70 with 2 channel clips (to hold the window glass) at RM9 each. Labour charges are RM35.

That amounts to… RM442.70. Damn expensive, money gone in a blink of a window. O.o

toyota thank you

Paid, got the receipt and left. They thanked me for paying so much.

Well, despite having problem with the mysterious shattered glass, the service provided is commendable. Overall, it was good (but slow, since spare parts need to be ordered) and they even lent me a temporary car.

If I were to send it to a nearby workshop (and this issue occurred), the foreman would have asked me to settle my own transportation.

car window side

Anyway, the new glass brings joy and happiness. So new and spotless, it’s like there’s no glass at all. Ultimately, I’m delighted to drive my own car again. :)

But I wouldn’t be able to use the replaced window for a few days…

car window label

Apparently it needs a few days for the glue to dry up properly.

So yeah, quite an experience to be honest. I’d never know that I loved my car so much if this incident didn’t happen.

My car is my darling girlfriend. I love “driving in” her, and she’s such a cutie. Just look at her amazingly beautiful boobs…

toyota vios headlights

Oh wait, I meant her headlights. Kthxbai.

41 thoughts on “Shattered Glass for Monday Blues

  1. good service by Toyota, as always… but it’s weird to see your window crack in their service centre!

    I would opt for normal workshop if I were you, the bill is expensive!

  2. OMG!! What the hell happened? Who cracked your car’s windows?!! Luckily Toyota compensated. But the spare parts don’t come cheap eh? I know cos I have driven a Toyota car before. Change wheel caps last time also cost me RM200 per cap. Insane! But what’s even more insane? Proton’s spare parts are just as expensive! Gila!!!

  3. Gosh!!! That was terrible! How could such a thing happen? They broke the glass – you wasted your time…

    Window stuck – either the switch spoilt…or the lever broken – just change that, no problem already. What glue? Don’t tell me they just glued the broken part instead of changing one whole new thing? Aiyor…sooner or later you will have the same problem again.

    And RM70 for just glueing? Hmmmm….buy jenama cars like that lah!

  4. All well ends well then! hey, no sandwiches? the last time i went, they have those on the table but i dare not take.. wonder why i didnt.. hmmmm…
    i think they broke the glass la… not your fault, sure they have to replace .. maybe when they are repairing the window.. :) anyway, they are “gentlemen” enough to do it for you free (wonder they have charged that together with the repairs or not, we wouldnt know, right?)
    anyway.. like you, i love my red babe too.. though she has scratches here and there… not a big problem.. as long as i love to drive her…

  5. *sshhh dont tell my boss*

    assuming that your boss doesnt know about that is haha

    wow shattered glass within toyota premises??? must have been an accident if nothing was stolen from it

  6. Waaaahhh~ well, at least everything ends well, and settled quickly.

    I never shattered any glass before. If that happened to my car, I would’ve looked at it with my mouth open and stand there for a few minutes before I can function again. ahahaha~

  7. “I hope she’s not bullied by Camries and Priuses.”

    If I were you, I’d worry more about the Hiluxes… right? =S

    Also, whoa, steep maintenance fees much? :O

  8. hahahaa… it’s funny the wat u said that “was it because I left my Proton bag in my car…?” Maybe? hahaha… anyway, it was damn too expensive… i think it’s wiser not to go back to Toyota Service Center that overcharged u…

  9. Before reading this post, I thought your car had been attacked by thugs or something along those lines. Whatever reason your car’s window got smashed, Toyota should take responsibility for it since it was with them the entire time.

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