Thai Aromatic Massage at Thann Sanctuary

Thai Aromatic Massage at Thann Sanctuary

I’ve always had this curiosity towards Thai massages, but never experienced any before – that’s until I had one at Thann Sanctuary, One World Hotel.

thann sanctuary

It was my first ever Thai massage and honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. What am I suppose to do? Just lay on the bed? Am I getting naked while getting rubbed?

Well, gotta thank Proton for giving out the Thann Sanctuary spa treatment gift vouchers during the Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Event. My massage “virginity” has finally popped…

thann sanctuary voucher

It costs RM210 for an hour massage without this voucher.

Once in the massage center, the receptionist ushered me to the waiting area where I filled up a form with some details, such as the massage pressure preference (ticked medium) and areas of the body to focus on and avoid.

spa consultation form

I stated “back” to be focused on, and of course… I didn’t request to focus on the private part lah. Crazy meh?

At the same time, a cup of tea was served.

massage tea

Warm and fragrant. A perfect cup of relaxation.

Then the masseuse asked me to wear this pink flip flops…

pink flip flops

It looked girlish and wasn’t a suitable size for me. But never mind, it’s not like anybody is gonna see me with that.

After that, the receptionist gave me the massage therapy brochure and asked me to select the therapy I prefer. There is a list of therapies and I didn’t know which to pick. She suggested the “Thai Aromatic Massage” since it’s probably their signature therapy service.

massage therapy brochure

Alright, since I couldn’t decide, I went on with her recommendation – Thai Aromatic Massage.

Once the receptionist settled, the masseuse then ushered me into the massage room. On the way there, she asked whether I would like to use the washroom or not.

massage center

Even though Mother Nature wasn’t calling, I decided to take a pee – just in case. I wouldn’t wanna disrupt my masseuse at work.

Alright, my Thai masseuse is obviously from Thailand. She has 10 years of experience and her name is Su…

thai masseuse

[Demo photo]

The lady in the photo above is not my masseuse. I sure wished she was as hot and beautiful as the lady in the photo, but she’s just an average-looking Thai lady.

Well actually, I wanted to take a photo of her but didn’t have the chance.

massage room

I stepped into a small-sized massage room, with the lights dimmed and a soothing relaxing melody playing over the speaker. Definitely not what I was expecting. I thought it would be a brightly lighted room with a row of massage beds for a few customers.

So I guess it’s more private and personal at Thann Sanctuary.

Since I’m new to such service, it seemed awkward – because the environment in the room is… uhm… too conducive?

massage oil

Anyway, there are a few options of aromatic massage oil. I opted for the lemongrass one, considerably the least unpleasant fragrant.

Then, she asked me to change and gave a piece of black cloth. I asked her what’s that, and she told me it’s a disposable underwear…

massage disposable underwear

Huh? Underwear? Doesn’t look like one to me, but she then opened the “opening” and ahh… I see… an underwear. Okay, I get it.

You know, I initially thought it’s a tube to cover my tetek. But I’m a guy so I obviously don’t have any tetek!

After that, she left the room, I stripped and wore the black sexy underwear, she re-entered the room and I was asked to lie down facing the bed with my head facing a hole.

massage bed hole

Yeah, the massage session ensued. She told me her name is Su and she’s gonna take care of me. Uhh… “take care” of me? Okay… awk-ward.

Frankly, you can call me a massage noob – because if she had a hidden meaning, I wouldn’t have understood. Or perhaps my mind was being imaginative?

So, she started off with the legs, applied warm massage oil and began rubbing and kneading my muscles and joints.

thai massage

[Demo photo]

The room was pretty dark. I could only feel her hands rubbing gently (sometimes forcefully) against my body. My ass was half-exposed as the underwear was half-covering it. When massaging my back, she was actually on the bed – right on top of me. But she didn’t sit on me lah.

Having my ass half-exposed was awkward, but I think she has seen many half-asses before.

The most painful part was definitely the neck and shoulder part. Especially the area when her thumbs were pressed on the muscle “bumps” at the back of the neck. She was putting a lot of pressure, it was damn pain but I held on with determination.

massage ceiling

So after about 30 minutes of back massage, she asked me to turn over and face the ceiling.

This time, she covered my eyes with a cloth – not sure why. She repeated the same process again – from the feet, to the legs, then the body and lastly the head. My whole body was oily.

Throughout the session, we talked quite often – about her experience in Thailand and being here in Malaysia. I asked her how to say “hello”, “goodbye” and “see you” in Thai language. She even taught me “tomorrow”, “today” and “yesterday” – which I forgot.

So after 1 hour, it’s done. Despite the oily body, she asked me to change and proceed to the waiting area again. Overall, it was an interesting first time massage experience.

thann sanctuary one world hotel

I personally enjoyed the session, and I think this Thai masseuse is the only person who have “explored” most parts of my body – up to the toes and in between fingers. Eh, not including the private part lah!

It was like allowing someone to molest my body. But I stayed focused and fortunately, no “unwanted appearance” happened.

So yeah, I’m glad that I managed to endure the pain and I’m very pleased with the Thai massage service.

massage bed

This is how the massage bed looked like after the massage session. Messy huh?

Oh wait a minute, if you’re wondering – I did not ask for any “extra” massage and there was definitely no “happy” ending ok!

Don’t think too much – coz after all, I’m not a “demanding” customer. ;)

37 thoughts on “Thai Aromatic Massage at Thann Sanctuary

  1. Wow! Looks cool! And the bed certainly looks messy. You should have taken a picture of your contorted face while being ‘molested’. I don’t even want to imagine. LOL.

  2. Well, it sounded pretty good from your description. :)

    I like strong, firm massages, not gentle ones. I prefer the stronger but older ones with the strength to kneed out the stiff muscles. :D

  3. remember pretty good what happened! good memory..haha..I heard from friends it is always better to choose a big size/ fat masseuse. they have more strength to message you! lol..

    holy shit.u still use the word tetek…lama tak guna dah… =p

  4. Sounds pretty good! But RM210 is a bit costly, lols! Perhaps next time you can try out the jacuzzi or something after the massage :) You have super memory! I can’t remember anything cause I’ll be sleeping all the way until they wake me up.

  5. Ken, this massage sounds mild. I’ve seen a Thai massage done in Haadyai where there’s bending and such. It can be quite painful for a first-timer and more so if joints are stiff. Did you have to go thru all that bending or all you did was just lie still?

  6. Cover your eyes when you face the ceiling in case both your eyes met and something else happen? :p

    I had a full body massage once at Bukit Bintang, by PRCs. It was good, after the whole session, my whole body was relieved and I feel all those tense on my shoulder gone.

    Really a good experienced. Now a days, I have been going for foot reflexology by a Thai certified Singaporean guy. Oooooh. nice :D.

  7. As much as I want to be massaged, but I’m scared after people sharing their first ‘painful’ experiences LOL but I heard massage is a must in Thailand and it’s much cheaper there HEHE

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