What They Should Have Taught Us in School

What They Should Have Taught Us in School

Most of us have gone through school life, some just graduated and some years back. Oh yeah, some of you are still studying too!

But hey, do you still remember what you’ve learned back then? Were they beneficial to your everyday life right now?

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Nope, I guess not. Instead, here are what we should have been taught back in school. Seriously…


1) History

history exam paper

What happened decades ago are grandfather stories. They are other people’s life and are suppose to be a lesson, but we’ll eventually forget them. Your brain has other priorities.

In fact, you have your own life. Make it count. So what are your visions and goals in Yourstory?

2) English

english exam paper

Learning and improving a language, English for example, requires self-discipline – not necessarily through school. Other than that, we have Microsoft Word and Google.

3) Chemistry

chemistry exam paper

What’s the point of memorizing the Periodic Table of Elements? I only remember H2O, the most important element that we human need to survive.

4) Biology

biology exam paper

You don’t need to know how your body works. Just visit a doctor when you’re not feeling well, and problem solved – hopefully.

5) Physics

physics exam paper

Isaac Newton found gravity with an Apple. Steve Jobs found money with an Apple. Same fruit, but money is more important. That’s life.

6) Sports Education (Pendidikan Jasmani)

sports exam paper

I remember during PJ sessions, it’s the best subject of all time. ALL TIME.

7) Living Skills (Kemahiran Hidup)

living skills exam paper

Instead of cooking, sewing and gardening, which are not exactly skills but just hobbies. School should have taught us more practical real-life living skills.

8) Computing and Information Technology

it exam paper

Your computer can’t work and your attempts of fixing it failed. If you’re not an IT specialized personnel, basic programming and networking lessons won’t help at all. Get the technician and support service instead.

9) Geography

geography exam paper

Use GPS on Google Map for geographical purposes. Perfect.

10) Mathematics

maths exam paper

Try solving that day-to-day problem when going dutch during meals.

First person to answer correctly wins a calculator!

38 thoughts on “What They Should Have Taught Us in School

  1. the only thing i remember from school is PJ when everyone would run to the field and play football. it’s also the only class i look forward to. others…meh.

  2. Who set those questions? The English is horrendous!!!! Excruciatingly painful to read… Obviously didn’t learn much or the teacher did not do a good job when he/she was in school.

  3. aiyakk, that maths question have to be tough one eh? :P i pass. it’s something that our education ministry should look into, maybe remove some and add some really useful info/skills. sometimes i pity my son who had to struggle with others just to get good grades. coz nowdays, it’s not about the quality, it’s about how many A’s your child gained. and it is one un-necessary pressure to both parents too -_-

  4. Yesterday we had a gathering of a bunch of friends from the Primary School, and we’ve not met each other for 16 years. What amazing topics we had during school time. Most of the things we learnt, we don’t really apply in our life nowdays. Once subject that they should have taught in schools is Financial Knowledge.

  5. Hahaha.. This is awesome! But yeah, sometimes I wonder why the heck I study like mad dog in school and don’t even apply 5% of what was learned.. Anyways, I don’t deserve the calculator.. Hahahhaa

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