Alarms We Take For Granted

Alarms We Take For Granted

An alarm is defined as an anxious awareness of feeling frightened, disturbed or in danger. It usually signals a need of reacting to something, commonly a distress call, urgently.

red alarm sign

Well nowadays, we are exposed to various types of alarms. Waking up early in the morning requires an alarm clock – without it, you’ll be sounded by your boss or teacher for being late.

alarm clock ringing

Even though a ringing alarm clock signifies the need to get our ass out of bed, a majority of us hit the snooze button and continue sleeping again for another 5 minutes or so.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is clearly the simplest sign of us taking an alarm for granted.

alarm clock reaction chart

If we overslept and end up being late, which is highly a possibility, the alarm clock is to be blamed. “My alarm clock did not go off!”, one would defensively say.

Next up, the scenario similarly applies to car alarm system too. When a car’s alarm goes off, we complain and curse instead of thinking of whether there’s a car theft happening or not.

car alarm angry notes

In today’s society, car alarm has become obsolete. They’re loud, annoying and quite frankly, no one even listens to them.

Yes, I myself admit that I don’t really bother.

car alarm reaction chart

Only you would probably investigate if it’s your own car.

Another more serious case of taking alarms for granted is by ignoring the home security alarm. Owners paid load of money for this additional security feature.

house alarm system

But again, whenever the alarm rings, passersby or neighbours usually conclude the alarm as malfunctioned – instead of an unauthorized intrusion. Even most owners don’t immediately get anxious when they receive a blank call, which usually indicates a triggered alarm.

Just wondering, why isn’t there any urgency to react whenever a burglar alarm occurs. Shouldn’t we respond accordingly towards such calls?

house alarm reaction chart

Well, perhaps it’s because of the deficiency that comes along with technology. These days, it’s common to have alarms going off without any apparent reasons. It’s like the alarm that cried wolf.

Eventually, we started taking alarms for granted because it’s always “Aiya, nothing wan lah… Stupid alarm!”.

Moving on, even fire alarms in buildings are taken for granted. Recently while I was at work, the fire alarm went off without notice.

fire alarm

My department is located on the 9th floor of the building and instead of quickly reacting and evacuate, my colleagues and I were still comfortably seated and working.

Some even looked around and asked, “Hey, real or not? No fire drill announcement right?”. Another colleague even took a stroll to the pantry, got a cup of coffee and went back to his seat throughout the alarm period. Salute!

But if it was really a fire, we would have perished! Burnt to death.

fire alarm reaction chart

You know what, fire alarms should come in 2 different types of ring tones.

1) For test drills.

At least the 2nd ring tone gives us a sense of urgency to save our fragile life. RUN!!! FIRE AHHH!!!

But wait, cool guys don’t run away from fire. They walk away, and never look back, instead. Look at them…

wolverine explosion

drive angry explosion

joker explosion

the mechanic explosion

iron man explosion

Apparently, so do I…

walk away from explosion

I’ll just walk away from the fire. So cool right? Okay lame, I know.

Alright, what about you… do YOU take alarms for granted?

36 thoughts on “Alarms We Take For Granted

  1. Hahaah true that. I always snooze my 3 alarms in the morning LOL.

    Once in my college, the fire alarm went off and well basically everyone was sitting around. We we so gan cheong to evacuate cuz we wanted to stall the test we got (we got the paper ady which means time to look into the book on the way down!) but lecturer ask us to ignore. till someone came in and told us to evacuate.

  2. there’s a spelling error…
    “Even though a ringing alarm clock signifies the need to gett our ass out of bed, a majority of us hit the snooze button and continue sleeping again for another 5 minutes or so.”
    Gett our ass out of bed…
    i’m just helping~ i know that u spend hours for a perfect post without typing errors~ i love yr blog kenwooi~

  3. Very true… I don’t know why people fix burglar alarms when they do nothing when the alarms go off. Maybe they think that would scare off the burglars? So irritating especially when they go off in the middle of the night.

  4. That 3rd picture, cool? u sure? ahhahaha

    But u do have a point. We are already too much immune to such alarms~ I admit 90% of the time, I’ll snooze my handphone instead of immediately waking up~

  5. Hey, I actually don’t snooze – I wake up when the alarm goes off. Instantly. :)

    Unless I’m like super hung over or something.

    Fire alarm? I don’t even bother, it went off at my condo the other day and I just put headphones on.

  6. i always investigate if the fire alarm at my residential set off coz i wanna make sure that it wasnt from my unit. later kena bayar mahal woo

  7. hahahahaa…. the most annoying alarm that i had is the one at my college’s hostel… stupid ppl like to smoke in the room and trigger the alarm… sigh!

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