Blog Suspension Thoughts

Blog Suspension Thoughts

Very recently, if anyone ever noticed, was suspended for almost 24 hours.

Well, before that, it was another ordinary day, still jolly and delighted with the spike of traffic received due to the Sex Book by Obedient Wives Club parody entry, which was published a day earlier.

Then without any prior notice, all of a sudden… BAM!!! This account has been suspended.

blog suspended

Screen shot credit to Priscilla from¬†Howdidifallandlandhere (how didi fall..?). It’s interesting that she actually bothered to print screen. :P

Anyway, while my beloved blog was unavailable – I stayed calm and had some deep thoughts. Coz usually, if such a case happens, I would normally activate “WTF?!” mode, curse the web host and quickly migrate to another host.

To¬†demonstrate, like this…

blog suspended angry

But this time, instead of being nasty, I actually took it lightly and told myself – hey, let it be lah. If it doesn’t get un-suspended, I’ll keep waiting. And at the same time, thoughts ran across my mind…

1) Why am I blogging in the first place?
2) How attached am I toward
3) What would I do on the Internet if my blog is gone?
4) Would anyone actually care if my blog is gone, like forever?
5) Should I stop blogging?

Oh wait, would I even stop blogging? Apparently not. Coz… I AM BACK FROM SUSPENSION! WOOHOO!

the sims woohoo blog

So yeah, this is just a quickie. Stay tuned!

Oh by the way, why the web hosting account got suspended? It’s due to sudden high server load. So, apparently it’s illegal for to get high traffic huh? So not fair.

27 thoughts on “Blog Suspension Thoughts

  1. If my blog being suspended due to high traffic, sure I will be very happy. Hahaha..Just joking coz I will never have high traffic like you.

    I also experienced when told me that my blog is not available. Oh my! I feels like my heart want to come out from body. Damn nervous. Stupid blogspot. Sometimes wish to change to wordpress but lazy.

    Hey, if you stop blogging, there is no more interesting, funny blog for me to read. Don’t stop blogging, ken! You’re the best [Truly and sincerely from heart one!]

  2. Hahaha maybe cos last time you mentioned u’re not famous so they think it’s impossible for u to get so high traffic. Moral of the story: Don’t lie hahahahaha!

  3. Hi Ken, I did notice this when I tried getting into your blog 2 days ago, btw its now only yours, others faced the same issue too.

    Glad everything is working fine and looking forward to more post on Obedients Wives Club, for sure they will not accept me into this club for I just don’t know how to be obedient but respect my hubby.

  4. Yeah, I also got suspended once for exceeding my bandwidth so I stopped using shared hosting. It’s easier to manage if you get a VPS and the price is about the same – a bit higher, but it’s worth it. :)

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