Beautiful Blue Sky to Kuching

Beautiful Blue Sky to Kuching

Hi, I’m currently in Kuching Sarawak. Yes, it’s my first time traveling over the South China Sea and setting foot on East Malaysian soil.

But that’s not the only thing that’s my “first time”. Flying with Firefly was a first time as well.

firefly plane

I’m here for work, sort of a business trip – just so you know.

firefly boarding pass

Since it’s paid by the company, anything will do lah. As long as I reach my destination in one piece. The flight was alright, the food was simple yet good too.

However, one thing I definitely didn’t expect to experience during the flight was the beautiful blue, super blue, sky over the South China Sea.

blue sky 1

Truthfully, I was really fascinated by the beauty of the horizon.

blue sky 2

As much as I want to take a nap, the colour of the sky and the sea captured my attention. My camera was always within my grip.

deep blue sea

This is the deep blue sea. Try to spot a white ship in the middle.

blue sky scene

Another beautiful scenic view with trails of white clouds.

blue sky with clouds

Puffy and fluffy clouds.

fluffy clouds

More puffy and fluffy clouds. (I’m out of descriptive words)

island with blue sea

An unknown island midway through the flight.

plane wing with blue sky

The Firefly airplane’s wing and turbine engine. It was producing a monotonous noise throughout the flight.

blue sky with land

The blissful blue sky and sea with part of the Sarawak land as we approach our destination. The end.

So yeah, that’s all the sky photos during the flight with Firefly to Kuching.

kuching flight arrival

I’ve safely landed in Kuching International Airport and even though this is a business trip, having fun should be unavoidable. :)

Since it’s only my first day here, I guess I still have the luxury to come up with a blog post. But if work starts to kick in, I might have to slow down for a bit.

To show you how busy we could be, just look at what the ladies in the project team do…

ladies heels

They actually leave their heels in the car! Seems like they don’t even have comfort to change their heels at a more convenient place.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep blogging, but I should be more active on Twitter while I experience my maiden visit to the Cat of Malaysia.

Oh wait, I meant Kuching. Miao!

flight passenger

By the way, I’ve been taking photos from KLIA, to Kuching and all around. My colleague actually asked me am I a blogger? I asked why would he think so? He said it’s because I portray the style of a blogger.

Oh no, secret identity exposed!

26 thoughts on “Beautiful Blue Sky to Kuching

  1. You’re in Kuching? Have fun there… Don;t forget to eat the kolo mee, Sarawak laksa…..and everything! Ask around and go only for the best. Come to Sibu next…I can take you around…and you can be sure that I’ll take you to enjoy the best in town!

  2. Kuching was a nice place for honeymoon!! The City was so calm and ‘WALKABLE’.. ha ha ha.. btw,the Unknown Islan was Airabu Island.. one of Indonesian Island.. ^_^.v..

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