Ciao Ciao

Ciao Ciao

Brand names are getting more creative nowadays, and sometimes – expensive products with such exquisite names could only appear in high-end shopping malls – such as The Pavilion.

So at The Pavilion recently, I stumbled upon a peculiar brand.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you… the Ciao Ciao brand!

ciao ciao

In case you don’t know, “ciao ciao” is a famous Cantonese term for a man’s weenie (aka private part). For example, my ciao ciao is small. Oh wait, like I said – it’s an example, doesn’t mean it’s true ok? Stop imagining!

Anyway, if I’m not mistaken, Ciao Ciao is a brand of some bags – particularly for the ladies, if I’m not mistaken as well.

So men, if your girlfriend wants that handbag, just imagine how that request would be…

ciao ciao bags

Damn awkward.

Oh wait, what to expect next? Pepet? Tetek?

32 thoughts on “Ciao Ciao

  1. Only you can make things like that feel awkward. Haha. But thanks soooo much for the heads up. I’ll make sure to be VERY careful with the use of the word. ahhaaha~

  2. We got 2 brands that almost hit the same note here, PetPet n Kotex..both are used at the same location but not entirely fit their names :p

  3. gosh.. i didnt know got such brand.. but i do know there is a pampers brand called petpet.. guess u have used that too when u were a baby! hahahaa…

  4. LoL.. PLEASE do not hire Kenwooi as a marketing strategist.. his idea of branding is so phail!! but then again u see that diaper PetPet? It’s gaining HUGE popularity these days.. why lah??!!

  5. Ciao ciao is a cute name!! My parents used to call me like that when I was small (My chinese name Siao Ching,sometimes called Ciao Ciao/Ching Ching)

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