iPhone 4S Preview: Now With Ass

iPhone 4S Preview: Now With Ass

Finally, the most anticipated iPhone for Year 2011 has been announced – and it’s none other than the awesome new iPhone 4S.

The specifications are almost the same, but it now comes with an all-new “Ass” at the back of every iPhone 4Ass…

apple iphone 4s ass

Yes, it’s a brand new re-engineered and improved iPhone 4 with an Ass (or “S” for short form).

With this new and bold innovation, holding an iPhone will never be the same, again…

apple iphone 4s

It’s a revolutionized smartphone with a cleverly designed cushion-shaped human ass to maximize coziness while using it.

Therefore, both comfort and style of the world will be amazingly in the palm of your hand.

The new iPhone 4S by Apple is by far the most sophisticated, outlook-challenging piece of electronics in many years. It does things so well, and so pleasurably, that you tend to think there’s a real ass.

apple iphone 4s side view

[Apple iPhone 4S from the side view]

Yes, Apple is Siri-ous about this new release and is estimating millions of units to be sold to Apple fanboys – just for an “ass-upgrade”.

You’ll definitely love the new iPhone 4S. So what are you waiting for…

apple iphone 4s collection

Head down to the nearest Apple store and purchase all four new iPhone 4S designs now!

Which is your pick?


Update: Oh my, this is so untimely. A few hours after this was published…

apple steve jobs remembrance

RIP Steve Jobs. The only innovation of yours that I own is an amazing MacBook. Thank you.

But I won’t get the new iPhone 4Ass. Oh wait, I meant the 4S.

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